Ms. Yoga is Nostalgic

One of my cast of characters Ms. Yoga will be paying another visit shortly and the Casa Raconteur will be ready with open arms.  The luggage rack will be at the foot of the bed, and we will try to clear some closet space, but that is a very dear commodity, almost akin to proper wine storage facilities.  Ms. Yoga and my Bride have been making their plans, and eventually I am either part of the plans or I will hear about it later.  All I know is that we are in the midst of preparations and whether the media will be consulted also will be announced on a need to know basis.

Ms. Yoga was out for business and during dinner she had ordered a bottle of wine, and sometimes she photographs the bottle to remind me that she is still around, and that she thinks she needs more ink as I scribe along.   I have to admit that she even got me a bit nostalgic on this photo of a wine from Duckhorn Wine Company.  Years ago, as we all went to Duckhorn for a tasting, as I had an entry through one of my customers who was a silent investor in the winery.  Don Duckhorn was the new kid on the block and when we arrived at the winery, which was during harvest, we had a private tour conducted by one of the sons, and it was very educational and totally exciting, as this was the first time to ever see this type of activity.  While we were there, also on the trip was her son and their au pair and he was given a Duckhorn duck horn, which she says is still at her house, and I think that is very cool.  While most of Napa Valley was into Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, Duckhorn was resolute that Merlot was the grape, especially for his properties and he was so right.  Of course, on that trip Duckhorn Wine Company was all family owned and operated and all the brands were also from the valley, as well as their single estate wines.

She sent me a photo of the Migration Chardonnay 2015, and when we were there Migration was Napa, and now this wine is from the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County, but then Duckhorn is no longer a family operated winery either.  The Russian River Valley is in the heart of Sonoma County and it is known for its long cool ripening season that is perfect for growing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  This wine is pure Chardonnay and it is aged for ten months.  The aging is done in two ways, ninety percent is aged in French Oak, of which three percent is new and ten percent is aged in Stainless Steel, and then blended together.  She did not send me any tasting notes, but I am sure it was a delightful wine.  Who knows, she might even think of sending me a photo of the Duckhorn duck horn, and as a side note, I probably may have the largest cache of Duckhorn Vermouth, which they were making back then, and my customer was not fond of, so he would give me all of his Vermouth that he would receive, and he was also very generous and gave me a bottle of the Three Palm as well.   If Ms. Yoga can get nostalgic, well I guess than so can I.

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2 Responses to Ms. Yoga is Nostalgic

  1. okiewinegirl2015 says:

    I enjoyed hearing more of the origins of Duckhorn. Back in 2015 my hubby & I spent a pleasant afternoon on their veranda tasting thru the current lineup. The last was a glass of their Goldeye Pinot noir. It was elegant. I think I need to ask for it for Christmas😉. Cheers!

    • Allison, I am sure that your memories are excellent from Duckhorn. Though I wouldn’t trade the day that I was there for anything, it was the perfect way to celebrate a harvest and a grand time. – John

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