Blason D’Issan

“Impetuous” maybe one of the greatest lines of cinematic dialogue especially when uttered by Michelin Oge Flynn and it has nothing to do with wine, but it best describes my Bride when she tasted this wine.  I am never sure how my Bride will respond to a wine tasting as I think she goes for the pure enjoyment of tasting new wines and while I do as well, I also think about an article.   To me, wine is the bonding agent that adheres one moment to another in my writings.  I may not drink wine every day, but there is always something to remind me about wine daily.

We were doing a wine tasting at Fine Wine Source in Livonia and this particular wine Blason D’Issan 2015 caught our attention.  While the gentleman that was pouring our tasting using the Coravin system, I think he just presumed that I would associate Blason D’Issan with Chateau D’Issan, one of the Third Growths from the legendary Classification of the Medoc in 1855.  Blason is a French word for “coat of arms” and I guess that is a nice way for them to list their second label.  Chateau D’Issan is from the commune of Margaux and it is one of the districts that I totally enjoy, encountered the most and probably drank the most or it may be tied with Pauillac.  The Chateaux is rather legendary and has been recorded in history as the wine served in 1152 at the marriage between Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II of England.

The best word in my mind to describe the great wines of Margaux is silky, I know it is a rather ethereal word, but it just seems like the perfect word when describing certain beverages.  The major difference between the first and second label, since all the fruit is from the same estate, is that the fruit harvest for Blason is from the younger vines, and since they started making this wine in 1995, as an alternative wine that is more fruit forward and drinkable much earlier.  One hears of some of the leading Margaux wines still being in their prime from the earliest years of the last century.  This wine is sixty percent Cabernet Sauvignon and the balance is Merlot.  The Blason is aged for fourteen to sixteen months in oak, of which a third is new, the blending and the aging is slightly different compared to the first label.  So, you may be curious why I started off with “impetuous” and now I will tell you.  I hadn’t even brought the wine up to my nose to start the tasting regimen, when my Bride had announced to me, that she was in love with the wine and wanted at least a six pack.  The joys of traveling with the Exchequer.

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  1. Sounds like your Bride has a pretty good palate – and good taste! I can’t argue with your description of Margaux either; “silky” seems spot-on to me. Cheers!

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