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My first day out in the real world after the first phase of my oral surgery regimen and I went wine tasting.   I couldn’t think of anything better for my gums and missing tooth, but some fine wines to salve the trauma.  My Bride and I had a full day planned and the first stop was to The Fine Wine Source in Livonia, Michigan and I was rather hesitant.  Not about the wines, but having the Exchequer of the Funds, because she can get quite animated about wines, even more than I do, and that can be a dangerous situation.   Korbin Kameron wines is the brand for Moonridge Vineyards located on Mount Veeder, a curious location which separates Napa County from Sonoma County and there nineteen acres can be found on both sides of the slope.  Mitchell Ming is the proprietor along with his wife, and the winery is named after his twin children and his other daughter has a vineyard named for her.

The Korbin Kameron Rosé Moon Mountain 2017 was a delightful wine.  Here was a Rosé wine that was made from Merlot grapes and from what I could gather the wine was made, because they were not sure about the grapes that had survived the major fire of that year.  Moon Mountain AVA was just granted in 2013 and it is a relatively new designation for Sonoma County.  The area is known for the iron rich volcanic soil and an elevation that is above the Sonoma Fog, so it has a warmer and a longer growing period compared to the areas lower down the slope; I also feel that this designation will see more play in the years to come.   A beautiful hued glass of wine with a freshness of fruit to the nose and taste of pomegranates to me, and this wine totally belied that it was Merlot, and I am a major Merlot fan, but then I have always been loyal to my old friends.  I will venture to go out on an easy limb and claim that this wine had a short aging period in Stainless Steel and there were one-hundred-fifteen cases of wine produced.

The other wine from Moonridge Vineyards is their Korbin Kameron Cabernet Sauvignon Mount Veeder 2012 and now we are on the Napa County side of the slopes.  Mount Veeder is in a very popular area with Carneros and Napa to the Southeast and Oak Knoll District and Yountville to the West.  Here was a true Napa Cabernet from the color, to the nose with a big chewy wine that had a long count aftertaste, I mean what more could you desire?  This wine spent eighteen months in French Oak and it was a very lush wine, the downside if there is, was that only fifty cases were produced.  My Bride will be wanting to share some of these wines and I can’t complain.

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  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Wine definitely helps with that! Cheers!

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