Rosé at The Village Anchor

It was a beautiful day in Louisville, the weather that they should have had for the Kentucky Derby.  I was doing some Raconteur stuff on my laptop and my Bride was working that morning courtesy of her phone and laptop, oh the joys of the digital age.  Our hosts had their own agenda in the morning, but we were planning on meeting for lunch.  There is a charming restaurant in a building that had been moved and repositioned right near their house, that both my Bride and I had not been to but is a regular haunt for our hosts.  The Village Anchor in Anchorage in their words is where a lively Parisian Bistro meets the more traditional English Pub.  It was a delightful place and there was art work in the ceiling panels in the main room, but we sat out in the terrace area that was still somewhat enclosed.

The four of us had a nice leisurely lunch, and I will only mention what my Bride and I had, but you will get the gist of the dishes offered.  My Bride had one of the lunch combos that started off with a Caesar salad, I mean go figure as that is her favorite dish.  She then had half of a Cuban sandwich, which was made with house smoked pulled pork, Black Forest Ham, Swiss cheese, house made garlic pickles and a roasted garlic Dijonaise and it was accompanied with sweet potato fries with the Anchor’s Bourbon-marshmallow crème.  I went with their interpretation of a classic Louisville dish created at the Brown Hotel and it called the Hotter Brown.  This dish is comprised of pulled roasted chicken, house made stuffing, a Cheddar-Parmesan Mornay Sauce with slow roasted grape tomatoes, Candied Anchor Bacon and Parmeggiano-Reggiano Cheese.  Needless to say, that we were full from our lunches and we didn’t need a dessert.  The management also has a quirky way of presenting the bill afterwards, the bill is slipped in an old “dime-novel romance” paperback book as if it is a bookmark.

As good as the meal was, it would not have been mentioned, but the beverage of choice for the four of us was wine, I mean go figure that one out.  Our hosts are very partial to Pinot Noir and we enjoyed a bottle of Meiomi Rosé 2017 that was predominately Pinot Noir.  The wine carries a California designation as the fruit came from Monterey, Sonoma and Santa Barbara Counties.  It was cold fermented and aged in Stainless Steel.  It had a pretty color and was very easy to drink, in fact it was so easy, that the first bottle evaporated and we required a second bottle to finish our meal.  It was an idyllic way to spend the afternoon.

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