Getting Situated

There is something calming about relaxing after a long ride, and six hours is really my maximum.  I once did a thirteen-hour drive and I pondered if that was grounds for divorce, not really, but in the work environment, four hours or more in a car, can merit a plane ticket, unless the trip is intra-state.  Trust me, unless you are a CEO or you work for the airlines, you don’t want to pay for a flight within state.  So, after the joys of having food and beverages at what is available along an interstate highway, and I do not mean any disparaging thoughts to some very close friends, the cuisine of note of the state that is between Michigan and Kentucky is Skyline Chili, which basically is chili on top of spaghetti; and I guess it is an acquired taste, which probably explains their animosity towards the football teams just to the north of them.

We finally arrived at our destination in a suburb of Greater-Louisville, after passing a sign on the highway listing a winery, which, alas we did not get a chance to stop at; either coming or going, because of time constraints.  We got to our relative’s home, which is actually a beautiful estate with stables and paddocks, but no horses.  We were going to be staying in their cabana or pool house behind the main house, and may I say that I have been in homes that had less square footage.  We had all of the comforts of an extended hotel lodging, so it was very comfortable.  In fact, they use the cabana for many of the parties that they throw through-out the year there, because of the great kitchen area in the building.  We unpacked the car and made ourselves at home.

After we were situated, we went to join our hosts in the main house.  Lo and behold they had just the proper remedy for our road trip.  We had a couple of bottles of wine.  The first wine was Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon 2015.  While most of the fruit came from Lodi, it was blended with other fruits, so it carries a California designation.  The wine has been blended with some Petite Sirah, but not enough to lose the Cabernet Sauvignon label.  Carnivor is under the E&J Gallo umbrella of wines and this wine has been produced in ample quantities to be found almost everywhere.  For the price, it is a good dependable wine and goes well with food.  It is a wine that one could find in a lot of restaurants.  The second wine that we opened up was a bit more interesting, think of it as an Argentine Claret.  The Mascota Vineyards Unanime Gran Vino Tinto 2013 had more to offer.   This wine is from Maipo, which is a subset of the Mendoza in Argentina.  The wine was sixty percent Cabernet Sauvignon, twenty-five percent Malbec and the balance were Cabernet Franc.  It was the perfect way to end the day.

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2 Responses to Getting Situated

  1. Nothing like a good glass of wine to take the edge off after a long car ride! It also sounds like your accommodations were pretty swanky – that always helps.

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