Two from the Continent

There I was trying some new wines at The Fine Wine Source in Livonia and I was just amazed at the range of wines that were being offered.  With the use of the Coravin system the wines poured were all fresh as if the bottle had just been uncorked, which works well, but sometimes one wonders if some of the wines would be better, if they had a chance to breath, but it is still a great experience without the waste of wines that could go bad, depending on how many people stop by for a tasting.

One of the wines that I tried was from Spain from Eguren Ugarte, a winery began in 1870.  The Bodegas Eguren Reinares Tempranillo 2015 from the Castile district, and this wine carries the Castilla VT (Vino de la Tierra) designation for the large Castilla-La Mancha in central Spain.  The wine was aged for two months in American Oak.  The wine had a soft nose and taste.  I do think that this wine would be better in a year or two of cellaring and some open time, before tasting.

The next wine that I will mention was from Italy, and it was a Barolo and who can not get excited about trying a wine from that district.  The wine was made by Monchiero Vini which began in the 1950’s as grape growers who originally sold their grapes and have eventually grew into a winery showcasing their own products.  The Monchiero Roche di Castiglione Falleto Barolo 2012 was made entirely from the Nebbiolo grape, which is to be expected from a Barolo wine.  This wine spent thirty months in oak vats and an additional eighteen months in the bottle before being released.  This wine had a good classic interpretation of what I expected from a Barolo wine and I was very happy with this tasting and I expect that this wine will age easily for ten or more years.

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