A Little Game

While Ms. Yoga was staying at our home she had contacted some of her other friends and they ended up going to see a little football game at The Big House in Ann Arbor, Michigan during the Thanksgiving weekend. Some of you may not know this, but The Big House is the largest stadium in the United States and is in the top fifty for the world and it is where the University of Michigan has their home games. So, when it is game day there, it is quite a festive day, at least until the outcome of the game is decided and that weekend was one of the classic rivalries in the world of collegiate football. It was a girls outing for the day, which is fine as I really don’t follow sports; I don’t mind playing football, baseball or even golf, I just cannot sit and watch a game. As for the other sports I really don’t follow them at all, or even attempt to play them, as to my eyes, the games just appear to be some form of organized chaos. Though I have to admit that the college athletes play to their full potential, so that they may earn the multi-million-dollar contracts in the professional arena.

Ann Arbor is a city was laid out to be totally to be in grid lock when there is no traffic, so when there is a game, there is no chance to drive unless one likes to have white knuckles. The ladies all decided to meet at Weber’s on the far side of the city from our home and use their shuttle service to go to the game, which made perfect sense to me. Weber’s was founded in 1937 and still in the same family and besides being a restaurant, they also have a hotel and a venue for weddings and other occasions. The ladies all met and went to the Bloody Mary bar to have some libations and get situated, because nowadays they cannot even take a purse into the stadium, which negates the old sports-fan necessity of a hip-flask to ward off the cold weather. After the game, they took the shuttle service back to Webber’s and had a bite to eat in the casual tavern there called The Habitat, instead of dining in the main restaurant. My Bride had a couple of fancy sliders. One was pulled-pork with Cole slaw and the other was blackened salmon with caper aioli, lettuce and tomatoes.

I have to admit that I may have to terminate the employ of Ms. Yoga and my Bride as neither of them took a photograph of the wine that they were having. Alright, I won´t terminate them, I will just cut their salaries down fifty percent, so they will still be making the same salary as I figure. I like to photograph the actual bottle, but this time you will have to bear with me, as I had to get a label from the internet, which goes against the grain of my reporting. Though Ms. Yoga did send a photograph of The Big House which I edited to keep her anonymous. They were enjoying the charms of Chalk Hill Estates Chardonnay 2016 which is in Sonoma County and the wines carry the Chalk Hill AVA. The wine is aged for eleven months in French Oak, of which almost half is new. My Bride and Ms. Yoga both enjoyed it and I think that they use even less descriptors than I do. Chalk Hill Estates is part of the much larger Foley Family Wines group. As for that little game that they watched, let us just say that for this year, the usual ¨speeding¨ tickets that are earmarked for Michigan licensed plated automobiles driving through Ohio may get a reprieve.

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