Two Crisp Whites

I found that I had a free Tuesday, so off I went to another wine tasting at D. Vine Fine Wines in Livonia, Michigan. This wine shop and wine bar tends to have a wine tasting class almost every Tuesday night, and there are some that make it the night to go tasting. They have assorted wine tastings whenever one wants to venture in, but it is on Tuesday when the tastings are conducted by Lee Hershey and his vast knowledge of wine and his years in the wine trade. I met Lee years ago, when my Bride and I took one of his wine classes during the Culinary Extravaganza at then Schoolcraft Community College and now it is Schoolcraft College and they have one of the finest culinary programs in the state.

The first wine of the evening was from the Wine Cooperative of the Orvieto Community, one of the oldest cooperatives in that particular area of Italy. The cooperative began in 1949 and had thirteen vineyards and it now has one-hundred-fifty vineyards as members. The cooperative also has their own aging and bottling facility and have received official sanction for their wine. The Cardeto Orvieto 2016 was just a crisp white wine that was the perfect way to start the evening off. This wine is a blend of Trebbiano, Gracietto and Chardonnay grapes. The average age of the vines used is twenty-five years. This wine fermented for three weeks and then was bottled where it then aged for four months before it was released. Just a very easy drinking wine and as a side note, if one had several bottles of this wine and lined the labels properly, one would get a panoramic view of Orvieto from an ancient engraving.

The second wine of the evening really caught my attention as I have been enjoying some of their wines for years through the only wine club that I belong to. The Wrath Estate Winery Ex Anima Chardonnay 2014 was a keeper. The fruit came from their San Saba Vineyard that is located just below the Santa Lucia Highlands in Monterey. This wine was ninety-five percent Clone 4 and the balance was from the Kistler Clone and it was a delightful Chardonnay, if I do say. The wine spent four months on the lees in Stainless Steel, so it an un-oaked Chardonnay. Ex Anima means “from the soul” and I felt that it described the passion that I have encountered from other wines from Wrath and they are now a Sustainable Certified winery. The funny thing is that most of the attendees were not enamored by the wine, which allowed me to take some home with me that evening, their loss was my gain.

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5 Responses to Two Crisp Whites

  1. binNotes says:

    Wrath!!! Yes, please :_)

  2. CAwinegal says:

    Thanks for this article. While working in wine retail, we carried several of Wrath’s wines and they were all appealing in their own way. I had the opportunity to meet their winemaker, Sabrine Rodems, and try her own label, named “Scratch”. She made a very nice Cabernet Sauv from the Santa Cruz Mtns. and she was a really fun lady to talk to!

    • Lynne, thank you for your kind words and I envy you that you are out there in California. Here in Michigan I am for the most part, totally reliant on the whims of the Three-tiered system of wines in the state, except for the wines I receive from “A Taste of Monterey” where I discovered Wrath. I hope you can abide to my less technical approach and my enjoyment of wines without all the verbal baggage that was not around when I first discovered the grape. – John

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