Klinker Brick Winery

Here I was learning about Klinker Brick Winery from Lodi, California and I was all ears, though I was also ready to keep tasting some wines. There was a special wine tasting that evening focusing on this one winery at D. Vine Fine Wines in Livonia. There was almost a full house and quite a few new faces, though in no way, am I a regular, like some of the people. Klinker Brick Winery is into its Sixth Generation, but they began as grape farmers and would sell their fruit originally to the home wine makers and Zinfandel was the main crop in this area. Eventually they began selling the crops in the latter part of the 1900’s to other wine makers and eventually they took the plunge themselves as there was a strong demand for their crops. They have about sixteen plots of land mostly along what is known as the Lodi-Mokelumne River as well as some in the Clements Foothills. They produced their first bottle of Zinfandel in 2000, and their first Syrah in 2001.

The third bottle that we tasted that evening was the Klinker Brick Winery Old Vine Zinfandel 2014. This wine is a blend of fruit from all sixteen parcels of land. When they say Old Vines here, they are Old Vines from youngsters that are fifty-five years old to some that are one-hundred-thirty-five years of age. This wine was aged for fifteen months in American Oak, of which sixty percent were new barrels. This wine had the sweetness that I think of when I think of Zinfandel, but there was enough spice to make it totally interesting to me. It was a glass staining wine that had a long finish and yes, I would have had some more, if it was offered to me.

The fourth bottle that we tasted was also a glass stainer, the Klinker Brick Winery “Farrah” Syrah 2014 was my kind of wine. I make no pretense, that I have a certain bias to Syrah wines, especially when they are full bodied and spicy, like this wine was. Here was a wine that was aged for fifteen months in French Oak and the fruit was all from the Lodi-Mokelumne River area. This one was a real war-horse and I am one of the few that really like Syrah with a big roasted turkey at Thanksgiving or for that matter, any time we make a turkey with all the fixings, as they say. I will follow up with the last two wines of the tasting.

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