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Have you ever wondered what is poured into a Stanley Cup when the big hockey game is finished? The people at D. Vine Wine that were at a wine tasting the other night, had a chance to find out, and not only that, we had a chance to try it as well. Jason Earnest, the only non-professional hockey player in the ownership of Vineyard 36 had brought samples of most of the wines that the winery produces. Which was really great, as most of the wine that they made is now sold out.

The last two wines that we were going to taste were going to be done side by side; and that got most us rather excited and very interested. The Vineyard 36 Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 was their premier wine and it had a beautiful color, a great nose and long legs. It even surpassed the Vineyard 36 Foundation 2014 that we had just tried. The fruit for this wine was also harvested from their micro sites in St. Helena and Coombsville and it was also aged for twenty-four months. The only difference in this wine was that fifty percent of the French oak barrels were new and it while it was only a twenty percent difference, the flavor was most noticeable.

The last wine of the evening, that was being presented side by side was from the library of the winery and it was the only case of it in the state of Michigan. We had a chance to try the Vineyard 36 Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, which had the same technical notes of production as the 2013. I also noted that even though this is a relatively new winery, they spent extra money to have each label different, which may make it harder, from a marketing and sales approach, but I guess that it works for them. Jason Earnest as he was talking about the wine, very diplomatically hinted about where the micro lots were, who owned them, but since there was not a major contract signed demanding that the private vineyard be identified, which would also greatly increase the price of the grapes and hence the wine, the vineyard was not named. This wine was even more of everything, then the 2013 and everyone could certainly agree on that. The other thing that I noticed that was different was that this wine also had an additional red plastic seal over the capsule to ensure that it would stay air-tight. I also got an extra souvenir of the evening as Jason Earnest signed the emptied bottles and I got one of the 2012, which makes for a wonderful keepsake, since the label was printed on the bottle. This was the wine that was poured into the Stanley Cup and there were only five-hundred cases of this vintage made. They are actually holding most of this wine in their library for future Stanley Cup celebrations.

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