A Prayer

This morning as I got out of bed and went to turn on my computer, I also turned on my cell phone and got a test message that no parent wants to see. I had planned on an easy day of catch-up on a day off and I read “…I’m praying your kids and their families are all safe in Las Vegas with this shooting that went on…” So, I immediately went to my newspaper as I usually do in my morning routine, but instead of going straight to the paper I started to read the headline blurbs to see what I had missed from the night before. A horrible incident had occurred and I thought about my two children and my five grandchildren that live out there.

My first thoughts as I was reading, is that my children do not work at Mandalay Bay, but I have taken the families to the Shark Reef there and we have eaten at a couple of restaurants there with them. I also thought that, because it was an out-door concert, perhaps they might have gone just for fun and an outing, but I also know that they are not country music fans, but you never know. I thought of how my Bride and I have dined at Alain Ducosse’s Mix and at Charlie Palmer’s Aureole. I was devouring the news and hoped that there would not be a problem. I called and left messages and also left text messages and just let the minutes tick by. It is hard to concentrate or to even enjoy simple pleasures until I knew the truth. My son works at one of the shops at the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace which is quite away from the incident, but my son-in-law works at one of the restaurants one property removed. My son was fortunate in that his area was not in lock-down mode, and my son-in-law was off that day, otherwise he would have been suffering under a lock down mode, and as I write this he would still be under that situation; I say this because my daughter told me that one of her cousins had just left three minutes prior to the problem and another cousin was still sequestered one of the casinos.

I am just devastated by the news and I think that I have been enjoying Las Vegas since the early ‘70’s and I have thankfully never encountered such an event. I still lament that Vegas is no longer the Vegas of my youth and yearn for when it was a “family” owned city that would have never tolerated all the garbage that now proliferates on The Strip. I came to write this article, not that I would mention food or wine per se, but to allow it to be cathartic for the emotions that I dealt with this morning. My little blog is my safe haven from the craziness that seems to be the norm in today’s world and I am not looking forward to the potential politicizing that will occur from all avenues and agendas. Las Vegas used to be glamorous, now it is just as grungy as the rest of the world. I pray for the souls of the innocents that died and I also pray for all of those that have been shot or injured and for all of their families.

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8 Responses to A Prayer

  1. Are your family all safe? I have family in Las Vegas too and they work in different hotels along the strip. My family are all safe but it just seems to be tragedy after tragedy…. we’re becoming numb. Those poor people… those poor families… I just can’t even begin to imagine.

    • Thank you and yes I am glad that your family is safe and so is mine. It is so sad and I am starting to get mixed messages from some of my friends in Las Vegas, so I shall just wait and see. I truly feel for all of the families that have been harmed by this tragedy. – John

  2. uncleb13 says:

    Glad to hear your family is OK. This was a very strong piece of writing, as all of your posts are, and one that the day called for. I came to your blog a year or so ago after searching for “MacKinnon’s”, the Northville restaurant I cut my food-service teeth in during its ‘80s heyday. I have subscribed to the blog because I love hearing about the places you frequent and the wines you sip! Thanks for everything and glad things are well with your family.

    • Thank you very much for the kind words and yes, I am relieved that the tragedy that befell Las Vegas did not harm my family. I appreciate your readership and I hope to maintain your interest. – John

  3. Glad your family is safe and sound.

  4. Poor Robert says:

    It is nice to be able to retreat to a safe place when tragedy strikes I am glad you wrote this piece for all of us with like feelings. It is odd but I feel the same nagging loss about the backcountry trails I walked in my youth, We live in a time when there is extreme goodness in people (witness the LV response to the pure evil) a constant edge of danger lurking that makes us apprehensive.

    • Robert, thank you and as I said, this piece was a cathartic exercise for me and I am glad that they are all safe and sound. I grew up on the streets of Detroit, so I guess that I perhaps notice things without even realizing it, and hopefully I have tried to shield my children from some of my early years, but the times they are a-changing. – John

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