Compari’s on the Park is one of three restaurants in a row, right on the main drag in downtown Plymouth and they are all owned by the same man. We just decided to go have a quick dinner and to walk around the area afterwards. When my children were young, the only really fast food that I approved of was pizza, and who doesn’t like pizza? There was an excellent carry-out pizzeria near me at that time and it was called Paisano’s, not only did they make great pizza, but their barbequed ribs were awesome. Later on, Paisano’s opened up a sit-down restaurant and they even had a comedy club in the lower level. Why pray tell am I rambling? The original owner of Paisano’s now owns the three restaurants in Plymouth, including the one we were sitting in. Compari’s is the more casual of the three eateries, not in attire because very few people dress for dinner anymore, but in the menu offerings.

I wanted a pizza and every once in a while, I have to cave in to my desires. We were lucky, because we got to the restaurant just before the crowds. It seems that everyone wanted pizza or pasta that evening. My Bride went with a Caesar Salad with Salmon, and that is her choice, but I can never understand it, because truthfully, she makes the best Caesar Salad and she makes Salmon that is wonderful, and this from a guy that never had Salmon, until she made it for me one night when we were dating. As for me, I had the pizza and when I go out, I like to have something that we usually don’t make at home. With all due humility, I never order pasta with a Bolognese sauce, because I feel that my recipe can’t be beaten. I had the Compari’s Special with Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Ham, Bacon, Green Peppers, Mushrooms and Onions or what we used to call the “Super” back in the day. It was an excellent pizza and I am sure that it is made with the same ingredients and the same dough, but maybe it was the anticipation of opening up that box after driving home that made the pizza so much more memorable, or maybe I was just being nostalgic. Either way, I would have it again, of course the next time I will mention to add the anchovies, which I can’t believe I forgot to mention.

The other great thing that made the pizza more enjoyable was having some wine with it, years back when we would enjoy a carry-out, I usually didn’t have wine with it, but at a sit-down establishment, it is so proper. My Bride had Caposaldo Pinot Grigio 2016 with the Delle Venezie IGT designation. Since the Veneto area is famed for Valpolicella, Amarone, Soave and Prosecco, all other wines get the IGT rating. Caposaldo is known for their hand harvesting of fruit and aging wines according to the best for the fruit, as this wine is aged in Stainless Steel. I went with a bit more powerful of a wine to go with my pizza, but I did not go with an Italian wine, since there was so much meat on the pizza I went with Diseno Old Vine Malbec 2015 from Mendoza, Argentina. I am sure that most wineries can claim “old vines” as Malbec is the king of wines in that region and they have been growing them for some time. Diseno is probably an easy wine to find as it is part of the large Constellation Brands. It worked for me, and it was just a nice quiet evening out.

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