Mitchell’s Fish Market

I can’t believe that I haven’t written about Mitchell’s Fish Market, as I was digging through my box of wine labels. Mitchell’s Fish Market was at one time under the Cameron Mitchell umbrella of restaurants, and Cameron Mitchell is the star of Columbus, Ohio and he has many restaurants, the first ones that I knew of was Mitchell’s and Cameron for Steaks, and the funny thing is that he has sold both of those chains that has his name. We have also been to his M, after he ran out of his proper names and as I observed when we went to M, was that he was probably the only person that could successfully get away with naming anything M in Columbus, Ohio, because if you aren’t aware that is a slight rivalry that has been going on for ages between Michigan and a college that is located in Columbus.

As one can surmise from the name, the restaurant specializes in fish and seafood. My Bride started off with a bowl of New Orleans Seafood Gumbo and I had a bowl of the Maine Lobster Bisque; I mean why have a salad when the soups are so inviting? My Bride had the Ginger Crusted Salmon with sticky rice and stir-fried vegetables, since when we are out, she seldom gets a chance to have a dinner of this type, because I have a problem with most restaurants that would have dishes of that nature. I had the Georges Bank Sea Scallops, because it is a dish that we only recently have tried making at home.

The wine that we had that evening was Kali Hart Vineyard Chardonnay 2000 which is produced by Robert Talbott Vineyards from the Monterey area of California. Kali is one of the children of Robb Talbott and her name has been enshrined on one of the vineyards, and her brother also has a similar honor. We have had many wines from Talbott over the years, because as I stated often enough, I used to buy quite a few of the ties that were made by his parents, and I used to enjoy the handwritten Christmas cards that I used to receive each year from his Mother, Audrey. There really is not much more for me to add, since I have talked about the wines and of visiting the winery, so I guess I am rather biased towards a good Chardonnay.

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