Camping in the Big D

“Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!” That is the quote that keeps going through my brain as I am camping in the Big D. One doesn’t think of camping in Detroit and normally neither do I. Unfortunately, that is what I feel like right now on the fifth day of no power in my own home. The first couple of days it was just a slight inconvenience and we even stayed one night at my Bride’s Sister’s home. We went home the next day, and later on, her Husband brought over his commercial grade outdoor generator and we got it running. It is a pain to try to figure out how to run an outdoor cable into one’s home and to also keep critters and the cold from entering in as well. The main concern of my Bride was to keep the main refrigerator running, the other refrigerator and a freezer that is kept in the garage, was not as important. Though I feel like I have pumped more gasoline the last couple of days, then I did when I was a Gas Jockey at my Uncle’s full service gas station, back in the days. The fumes seem more deadly these days as compared to my memory.

Since we have a gas stove in the kitchen, the burners can be lit, so one can do some cooking and my Bride has been very creative making meals that far surpass the dinners from when I was a Boy Scout. There is no television, which for me is fine, since it has been some thirty years since I have watched one, but my Bride is an avid watcher. There is no internet and I have to be careful even writing on my laptop to make sure that I do not run out of energy and I have to substitute something else when it is time to recharge my computer. The cellphones work and so does the land-line, yes, we still have one of those. We play cribbage by lantern light and the whole ordeal makes her think back when she used to enjoy her family’s cottage in Canada and we have the sign from it, hanging above our fireplace.  I mean my idea of roughing it, is a Holiday Inn. The good news is that we have a Queen-size sofa bed in the family room and there is also a fireplace in that room as well, so we kind of have a roaring campsite setting, though the fireplace utilizes a natural gas igniter and unit, so the heat is not intense or smoky. Everything was well until we encountered the three to five inches of snow that is now falling, well at least I am staying warm with all of the physical activity of shoveling snow, as the “monster” snow blower we have is an electrical start engine and it would be a pain to run another cable, not to mention manually opening and closing the garage door to use it. I have so many layers of ski underwear and fleece on that my thighs may need to be introduced to each other when this is all over.

One of the evenings we had a wonderful meal of garlic sautéed jumbo shrimp, with sautéed spinach and Armenian Pilaf. We are not starving and we are not thirsty as well. Though since we have had some balmy days in the forties in the house, we have been drinking white wines and they are naturally chilled, below what the refrigerator would do. We opened a bottle of Oro de Castilla Verdejo 2015 from Bodegas Hermanos del Vilar. Verdejo is a crisp white wine with a flinty terroir taste to it and is the star wine of the Rueda district. Verdejo is an old varietal that is indigenous to Castilla y Leon in the center of the Iberian Peninsula. A lot of the Verdejo wines are blended, but this wine was one hundred percent. It also went well with the guacamole and chips that we had later on, while playing cribbage again. As to the children of the night and the music, we were constantly listening to the hum of the generator, the home alarm system that was trying to get back on line and from the whistles and beeps from the internet router. As a postscript, while I was writing this article, the power finally returned and now a new adventure as I try to return this house back to normal. Every squiggly light bulb has to be replaced for some odd reason.

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6 Responses to Camping in the Big D

  1. Glad you and the family are safe and can return to normalcy. Cheers!

  2. I don’t know how, but my power stayed on though areas surrounding me had lost power. A few years ago, in the winter, it was out for four days. I feel your pain, but I’m glad you and your wife can get back to normal. Your shrimp dinner does sounds fantastic. Cheers!

  3. okiewinegirl2015 says:

    Welcome back from the Dark Ages! Hilton is my idea of camping too. Hope you all are back to normal soon.

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