My Week of Hell

I am just pleased that I occasionally get ahead of myself in writing, because this is not a week that I would wish on any one. When I got home last Friday night we had a mini-flood in the basement, thankfully it didn’t affect the wine cellar, but there was other areas that were affected and while I was moving boxes of storage goods, my Bride was trying to mop up the water. Eventually we were able to use the “wet-vacuum” and start getting the water under control or so we thought. It turns out that a pump that removes the extra water that is not used for the humidifier broke and that is where all the water came from. The next day we were able to get that unit replaced, but then we found out that the sanitary sewer was plugged from the water and whatever flotsam and jetsam that was washed down it. So for the next day, we were still using the “wet-vacuum” until we could get a plumber the clean out the traps. What a mess. Finally success and we installed fans in the basement to aid in the drying down there.

While I was cleaning the area, I started to notice the smell of gas, so first I poured some water and bleach down another sanitary trap thinking that it was sewer gas left over from the trap cleanings. No such luck. The flex hose that delivers the gas to the dryer in the laundry area had developed a small crack that was found by the utility company technician, and I might add that he showed up very quickly after I reported the problem. Of course, he shut down the gas, but he could not replace the flex hose, even though he told me that he carries them in the truck. So I had to remove the hose and it took a trip to two different hardware stores to find the right hose. By this time the wind was blowing so hard that as I was getting back in my car, the wind slammed the door into my leg as I was getting situated. I got home and was just going to install the gas line and the power went out. The Detroit area was struck with the largest blackout caused by natural circumstances, about 900,000 homes were out of power, including us.

With all of the nonsense that I encountered this week, it was a week of margaritas and drinking the wine that was left around the house. So there really is not any new wines for me to discuss, I will just show some of the wines that I was polishing off. The saddest part of the affair so far is that the houses across the street have power and the houses on the block behind me do not.

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21 Responses to My Week of Hell

  1. Oh I’m sorry for what you’ve been through! Doesn’t feel “right” to “like” the post. Hope good things, and as always, good wine, are around the corner!

    • It was an adventure. Thank you for stopping by and eventually I have to try to catch up on all of the reading that I have missed. I wonder how many days WordPress will allow me to go back. – John

  2. shez says:

    ughhh…what an awful week! hopefully all will get sorted soon and next week will be a gazillion times better. Thankfully you had wine and margaritas on hand!

  3. What a mess. Home ownership is not always fun. Sorry for all the troubles.

    • Michelle, it is just the joys of life I guess, it was frustrating at the time, but rather cathartic to vent about it once and now I can relax and enjoy a glass of wine. Thank you for stopping by, and I will have to try to catch up on all of my readings. – John

  4. John Taylor says:

    Ugh. The St. Supery looks like a nice consolation prize, though 🙂

  5. Oh that is a bad week. So sorry!

  6. What a week! Hope the coming week is better and you can put all of this behind you.

  7. dwdirwin says:

    I didn’t want to like the post either…well, think of it as a sympathy like and a wish for a better week for you!

  8. Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed! The wine was safe, that’s important! Hope the Midwest thaws in the next week or so! What’s with this spring?!?!?

    • Yes, the wine is safe and I just received some wine from Monterey today, so it is already getting better. I think that were plenty of people in the Detroit area that did not want to get out of bed for those days. Thank you for stopping by. – John

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