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I was thinking about a Weimaraner dog and Cabernet Franc in my preparations for the trip to Las Vegas. That may sound like an odd combination, but I contacted Lori Budd to see if she and her husband Michael had representation of their wine in Las Vegas, because they do not ship to Michigan. She did not, but she could ship wine to Nevada, so I had to ask if she could ship a three pack to my daughter’s house and that was affirmative. I was in Seventh Heaven and so was my Bride when I told her what I was up to.  The funny thing is that this wine has been haunting me now for a couple of years, because I could not get it, which only makes one try harder, at least for me.   Dracaena Wines only offers one wine and it is a Cabernet Franc and they are so smitten with that particular grape that they even started a movement of a Cabernet Franc Day. I have been a fan of this grape from the first time that I tried it.

We were having a casual night at my son’s house and we picked up three assorted pizzas and other goodies for the night and my daughter brought my package of wine to me. That evening I could care less about eating, but we were both looking forward to the wine. I opened up a bottle of Dracaena Cabernet Franc 2014 and it was wonderful.  For a young fresh new wine, the color was impressive, the nose was there and it reminded me of some other great Cabernet Franc wines that I have had over the years and it may even been   more velvety smooth compared to even some of the wines that I have had from the Loire Valley.  It is a mixture of ninety percent Cabernet Franc and ten percent Petite Sirah from the West Side Ranch in Paso Robles, and it appears that they only make about one-hundred-fifty cases a year.  The wine was aged for two years in one year old French Oak barrels, and while I knew that I was drinking this wine way too young, I wasn’t concerned, because I knew that I had two more bottles to place in my cellar for additional aging and I think that five to eight years before I even try it again, if my Bride will let me cellar it that long without trying another bottle.  I even knew that the shipping carton with all of its protection would fit into one of our suitcases for our return trip.

I really wanted to try the wine and sometimes I am like a little kid. When I first started writing, and my first year of articles as I look back were not that impressive, not that I am getting any better, but Lori was one of the first to “like” what I was doing, and I really wanted to repay her for her kindness and her attention. My Bride who watches me like a hawk as she thinks I can get crazy buying wines, at the expense of our near future plans of retirement, but she didn’t complain at all, since it was for Cabernet Franc.  I may have to do this end run game of ordering in the future.  In case you were wondering why I mentioned a Weimaraner dog earlier, it was their first dog Draco that adorns their label.

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10 Responses to Dracaena Wines

  1. Well, good luck keeping those other two bottles for a few years! It might work if your cellar isn’t attached to your house. I’m a big fan of Dracaena Cab Franc, too, and it seems to disappear so quickly. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! We love hearing that our wine disappears quickly! Slainte!

    • Lauren, thank for all of your “likes” when you stop by. It will be a major challenge to actually cellar this wine. I may have to bury it in one of the hard to reach areas, and try to forget about it. I shall try and if I don’t I will just have to write about my future thoughts on it. – John

  2. Thank you so much for your kind review. I am so glad that we were able to get our wine to you and thank you for your persistence! Cab Franc is truly our passion! And as for “liking” your work- I love reading your posts!

  3. I also enjoy Dracaena’s Cab Franc. So proud they are doing so well. Lori is great!

  4. Great article. And very creative solutioning – shipping the wine to another state. I would love to visit Dracaena next time we head south …

    • I would enjoy going back to the wine country of California, but with my children and grandchildren in Nevada, the plane doesn’t seem to get that far anymore. Thank you for your thoughts and for stopping by. – John

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