“It’s In Your Jeans”

Over the years I have attended and sometimes participated in many charity events. I recently attended a new one called “It’s In Your Jeans” and I even wore a pair of denims to the event and earlier that day at work. The main thrust of the event was to raise money and awareness of the fight against colon, prostate and testicular cancer. Men being “men” tend to avoid talking about diseases of this sort and the dreaded test, which is more psychological taboo, then really discomforting. They also have blood tests that help and I speak first hand, not that I have any of the diseases, but since I have had over a dozen kidney stone attacks since my senior year in college, I have had a urologist for years. This charity enables those that cannot afford to have the test, to be able to. The fund raiser was rather unique in that it was held at a restaurant, and they had guest bartenders who worked the bar for tips and that is where the money was raised. Since I knew the two bartenders for that particular night, we went and had dinner and contributed as well.


The event was held at Magdaleno Ristorante in Wyandotte and I have written about being there before. The restaurant was packed when I got there, and it was still going strong when we left. We both started off having the house salads, my Bride had the Champagne Vinaigrette and I had my usual Italian dressing. Then the fresh bread with a whipped type of sauce that one could use in lieu of just butter. My Bride surprised me and order Veal Marsala and I think that I surprised her, because I tried one of their specials for the evening which was Perch Piccata and both dishes came with a side of pasta. We did not have room for any dessert, in fact after dinner we strolled the whole downtown area, before we drove home.

The selection of wine was a bit trickier, it is easy to go with a white wine for both veal and fish. I was a bit daunted because of the Marsala and the Piccata which has lemon, butter and capers, but I know that my Bride enjoys a Chardonnay and they had a decent wine for us. The J. Lohr Estates Riverstone Arroyo Seco Chardonnay 2014 was up to the task. This is not a fancy Chardonnay but it has some breeding and comes from one of my favorite areas in California. Arroyo Seco AVA is in the middle of the Salinas Valley of the Monterey area and to me, it is always easy to select a Chardonnay from this area without any disappointment. This particular wine is made from Dijon clones and the wine is aged for seven to nine months in an assortment of American, Hungarian and French Oak. We both were happy and contented and before we left we congratulated the guest bartenders for bringing out a crowd of people for the event.

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