A Respite

As I have stated often, I consider myself a clothier, which means that I am in the retail industry. If you have never been, or if you have in the past, you will understand that meal breaks can be the loneliest times of the day. Most of the stores that I have ever worked at did not have staffs that were large enough to have more than one person eat at a time. I have tried especially in the early years to pack my lunch, but when one is in the store all day long, just the ability to go out and have one’s meal is a treat. It isn’t too often that I have company for a meal, but my Bride had business out my way and she wanted to join me. She had dinner plans that evening, due to her job, so she really wasn’t going to eat, but wanted to give me some company, which was so appreciated.

Count of Buena Vista Founders Red 2013

She went and secured a booth at R.P. McMurphy’s, a delightful establishment that is nearby and then I went to join her. They describe themselves as a “long time tavern for classic comfort food and spirits, served in a turn of the century pub setting.” Since I did not want to have a meal and eat in front of her, I scanned the menu for something that we could share, while we visited. I chose one of their classic bar/comfort food selections, namely the Super Nacho. As most of you know, the Super Nacho plate is one that can be shared quite readily as it is made of fresh tortilla chips covered in seasoned ground beef and Jack cheese, then topped with onions, green peppers, tomatoes, avocado and Jalapeno peppers. One just reaches in with your fingers and grabs the chips and starts munching away; and the dish was largest enough for the two of us to share.

MI RPMcMurphy's MB

Since she still had to work and drive, she did not want to indulge in a glass of wine, and in today’s climate, that is a good choice, if one is only going to be eating for a short period. I ordered something interesting which I thought would compliment the dish and that she could sample. We enjoyed the Count of Buena Vista Founder’s Red Wine 2013 from Buena Vista Winery. This wine was named after the founder of the winery Count Agoston Haraszthy in Sonoma County, and is part of the Boisset Collection of wines. The Founder’s Red Wine is a blend of Merlot, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Carignan, Cinsault and Valdigue. The assorted varietals are aged for eleven months in their own barrels, before being blended; and the barrels are a mix of Hungarian, French and American Oak. I had to research to see what the wine was blended with, but I will tell you, that we both found it to be a great choice and I think that it would work well with almost any dish that calls for red wine

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  1. foxress says:

    A wine as bold as the Count!

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