Two French Wines

While my Brother-in-Law and I were still strolling around Elie Wine Company searching for some more wines, we had the chance to chat with Elie some more and he is a font of wine knowledge, especially about the wines of France. As the old saying goes, he has probably forgotten more about the wines, than I will ever know; so it was pure joy to listen to him discuss wines with such authority. Eventually I had to ask him if there was any wines that he thought would be interesting for me to try and to write about. Elie being the good merchant as well as being generally interested, suggested two French wines that he thought would be interesting without breaking the bank from Jean-Marie Chaland and his Domaine Sainte Barbe label.

Thurissey Vire Clesse 2014

The first wine that he pulled out for me was “Thurissey” Vire-Clesse 2014. Appellation Vire-Clesse Controlee is relatively new, as it was created in February 1999 and applies only to the driest white wines from the villages of Vire, Clesse, Laize and Montbellet in the Maconnais district of Burgundy. Domaine Saint Barbe has a total of 8.2 hectares in the villages of Vire and Montbellet where they grow Chardonnay. I will look forward to trying this wine at one of the dinner parties here, as we always seem to enjoy Chardonnay wines in this house.

Terres Rouges Macon Burgy 2013

The second bottle of wine from Domaine Saint Barbe was “Terres Rouge” 2013, which just translates to “Red Lands.” This wine carries the Appellation Macon-Burgy Controlee and is a red wine from the Maconnais. To carry this Appellation Controlee the white wines must be Chardonnay and the red wines must either be Pinot Noir or Gamay. Domaine Saint Barbe has eighty acres of Gamay vines planted and they are a mix of Gamay, Gamay de Chaudenay, Gamay de Bouze and Gamay Freau. I am not sure if I could discern the difference of all of these Gamay varietals, but I think that they might be an interesting wine to try with a roasted turkey, so perhaps I shall open both of these bottles this Thanksgiving.

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2 Responses to Two French Wines

  1. Poor Robert says:

    These indeed look interesting, but I find almost as interesting your choice to try Barbe out at Thanksgiving. Even a Beaujolais might be a bit hardy for Turkey. This one sounds like it might just be a distant cousin. .

    • Actually I try to have a Beaujolais or two for the Thanksgiving dinner, along with several other wines. I find the fruit forward wines work well with turkey. Thank you for stopping by. – John

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