Dinner at Mission Point

While we were at Mission Point, there is always enough to keep anyone busy. From just the leisurely ten minute walk to Downtown Mackinac, a tour of Fort Mackinac, or renting bicycles to explore the island. While some were working, I of course had more time to roam and explore, and one afternoon while some of her associates were at the golf course, then later the both of us got a chance to wander around as well, as I haven’t golfed since my college days, actually none of us golf any more, even for business.

Tr Elliot Queste Pinot Noir 2012

One of the evenings we could not have dinner with her family, as we were attending one of the dinner functions, so her relatives were going to have dinner at Chianti, the main dining room at the resort. They had booked their dinner reservations at the same time that they booked their accommodations and had requested a table overlooking Lake Huron, when they arrived they were assigned a table far from the vista and the restaurant was empty. When they requested a different table their request was denied, until after they decided to get up and eat somewhere else on the island, and I still can’t get over the foolishness of the restaurant manager. Thankfully the dinner party that we were attending went on without a hitch, and we had dinner in a room that I had never been to before on the top floor of the resort’s main building and the view was excellent. We were enjoying some hot and cold appetizers presented by the wait staff that was taking care of us that evening. After the appetizers during the cocktail hour, we sat down and had our salads and the fresh baked breads and rolls. Our dinner was Surf and Turf, or a variation of it, as it was a filet and some prawns and both were cooked to perfection. Afterwards we had coffee and dessert.

Canyon Road Wines

There was a wonderfully stocked bar for the dinner party, and I really debated with myself as to whether I would have cocktails, beer or wine for the evening. Silly me, of course I will go with even standard wines, because then I can write about them, after all not every meal gets First Growth wines. The wines for the evening were from Canyon Road Winery and they are another winery that I have encountered many times as they are a bulk producer of table wines that work out very well for restaurants and catering establishments. There was Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon to select for the evening, and you know, even though they are not fancy wines, with all of the festivities of the moment, the wines worked extremely well. After our dinner, when we went looking for the relatives and heard about their experience, we met them at a restaurant and they had a charming bottle of wine that they shared with us. They were enjoying Tr Elliot Queste Pinot Noir 2012 from the Russian River Valley AVA in Sonoma County. The Queste bottling was a small cuvee of twenty-five barrels from four different vineyards. The wine was aged for eleven months in French Oak (some new) and it was for sure the best wine we had that evening. Life is always an adventure and wine helps the narrative.

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