A Couple of Magnums

It was the last graduation party of the season, and it was a splendid time, even if we had to drive cross country once again. When we arrived, we saw the Honoree deep in thought as he was playing chess with his Grandfather and they had one of the coolest chess sets that I have ever seen, almost to the point of making me try playing the game again, but I think that I will stay with the games that I am already doing. There were two tents erected in the back yard, one to protect the guests and another fully zipped up tent to house all of the foods that were being laid out, and there were three full tables laden with food for the guests.

Frontera Cab Sauv Merlot 2015

The food was the normal food that one would find at most parties, but there was such an abundance that those that proceeded to have seconds or thirds would not feel guilty depriving others that came later of missing out. There was chicken and also assorted deli submarine-style sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs, multitude of salads, vegetables and side dishes that one could wish for to ladle onto the plates. I guess it is my ethnic background that makes me appreciate when I see enough food to feed several platoons of soldiers that make me smile, as I sometimes feel that I should curtail my food options and choices to make sure that others will not miss out. Then the sweet table was also amply stocked, so that no one had to leave hungry, and that is how parties should be.

Kirkland California Chardonnay 2014

As for beverages, they were also in evidence as well. Of course nowadays bottled water is always to the forefront and of course back in the day, good old tap water or even cold water from the garden hose worked to ward off a thirst. Then there were pops, or as some parts of the country call soda, and there was an assortment of beers, both popular and smaller craft beers that are now in vogue. Then there were some magnums of wine for the guests as well. There was the Kirkland Signature Chardonnay 2014, which may become one of the largest sellers in the country, due to the buying structure and power of Costco. This wine is a generic California Chardonnay, meaning the fruit can be harvested from all points of the state for a consistent taste year after year, depending on the winemaker. The other wine that was interesting was Concha y Toro Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot 2015 from the Central Valley of Chile. The Central Valley is an extremely large appellation for wine making and when one combines the two grapes together from one of the largest winemakers in the area, one knows that it will be harmonious and an easy drink. While both of these wines were in magnum bottles just made the moment feel more festive and the feeling of running out, less of an issue. Sometimes for festive large parties, good basic wines are what is needed, and one never knows when one these type wines may turn another individual into a wine devotee, from that one moment.

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