Union Street

The good news about Detroit is how it is becoming more of a trendy city with all of the new restaurants, taverns and bars. When I was going to high school in Downtown Detroit there was considered more of a “no-man’s” district between the downtown and the campus of the college a few miles up. This slowly has changed for the better and one sees vast improvements from my youth. It just keeps getting better and better, and one of the reasons this has come to mind, is that I found another box of assorted matchbooks and they are a great stimulus for my memory and it also reminds me that I have to try going back to some of the pioneers of the changing of this “no-man’s” district.

Sterling Chardonnay 2002

Union Street is the name of a restaurant that was in the center of this district and was one of the safe havens in the area. The restaurant had been an assortment of different destinations over the years and was probably built around the turn of the last century. At one time it was an Italian Social Club and is now what is called Art Deco in its appearance and is known for its fancy long bar. I remember having some classic “bar food” at the time, because you know that when matchbooks were still passed out and smoking was allowed is some time back. From all indications and discussions I find that I need to go back and try their food again as it is now competing with plenty of new taverns that have opened up in the area.

MI Union Street MB

The wine carte at the Union Street is now much improved from back in the day, and I understand that the beer selection has also improved and that is what I call progress. When I am at a location where the selection is limited, I will look for more popular brands of wine in hopes of faster turn-over of the inventory, which I understand is not as much of a problem as it was then. I had selected Sterling Vintner’s Collection Chardonnay 2002 from the Central Coast region of California. In actuality this wine has become one of my go-to wines often, depending on the selections offered and we even try to keep some of their wine at the house for every day use. So don’t be surprised if one sees another article about this restaurant in a future article as an update to the changing appearance and attitude of the new Detroit.

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