Jeremy Restaurant & Bar

Thankfully for the list of the Detroit Restaurants of the Year, to spark my memory banks and allow me to utilize the “Way-back Machine,” so that I can remember going to Jeremy Restaurant & Bar. It is not because we didn’t enjoy our meal there; sometimes I just need something to remind me. There was a period of years when all of the interest in dining was centered in the suburbs rather then in Detroit proper, as was the case here. I may live in one of the suburbs, but it always seemed that they would honor an establishment in another community that was considered to be hot at the moment. We packed a lunch and went off to try Jeremy Restaurant & Bar, and that is just an old expression that I like to use, when it was a bit of a drive to get to.

Lindemans Bin 50 Shiraz 2002

The restaurant was a very curious and eclectic mix of foods, all quite high end and masterfully prepared and presented, but the menu offered some of everything. There was fine dining, burgers and sandwiches and pizzas. It was also hinted by many that they catered to more of the gentry, as the clientele was older and more “well heeled.” To me that was not a problem, even though I did not fit either of those two categories, and we were off to a boating area in the Northern suburbs. Of course my Bride started off with Caesar Salad, which was a traditional interpretation, while I tried the Bean Soup, which was touted to be one of the best in the area. My Bride followed that up with Sea Bass, another of her favorites from the sea, while I went with Beef Tenderloin Medallions, which I find is always safe to order, and if done properly can be a fine dish. I might add that every dish that we had was delightful and worthy of the write-up, and so was the Bread Pudding that we shared afterwards, though I am not sure that I would have bestowed such an honor to the restaurant that they received, but then I am not a serious food critic.

MI Jeremy Logo

As for the wine that we had for dinner, the Detroit area was awash with Shiraz and especially Shiraz from Australia. Wine like food gets trendy and then it tends to be found everywhere for awhile. That evening we enjoyed Lindeman’s Bin 50 Shiraz 2002 from South Eastern Australia. Shiraz is one of the varietals that readily adapted to Australia and really rode to the top, and I have enjoyed the grape, even when it is offered as Syrah, and whether it comes from France, the United States, Australia or South America. It is just a good dependable wine, and as I have stated often, my Bride enjoys a full bodied red wine, with a meatier fish entrée. Jeremy Restaurant & Bar has changed names, same location and with the same chef, but it is now a Texas style barbeque eatery called Yardbird Smoked Meats.

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