A Brunch in Vegas

This last trip to Vegas, I broke some of my own rules about not repeating restaurants, which I have already done and I am doing it again. When we were having dinner at Echo & Rig, the manager of the restaurant mentioned a couple of times to us that we should try their Brunch. We could walk across the street from our hotel, so that was easy, and if the Mimosas were good, it would be a very good idea to walk. Writing this blog, breakfasts are an easy item to gloss over, as there have been some excellent places, but I find it a hard item to write about. The best I have ever had was at Brennan’s in New Orleans, the Fontainebleau in Miami and in the Detroit area there is the Beverly Hills Grill.

Wycliff Brut NV

We enjoyed our dinner so much a couple of nights earlier, that we thought that we should try their Brunch. They were so busy in the evening, as well as one afternoon that we had walked by, knowing that we did not have a reservation that we decided to get there as soon as they opened up, which in Detroit time was around lunch time. The restaurant was open, but they were not ready to seat anyone, so I walked over to the bar to inquire about the sparkling wine that they use in the Mimosas, and to take a photo of the label. After that they came and took us upstairs and we sat out on the porch over looking Tivoli Village. My Bride ordered Blueberry Buttermilk pancakes with house made Blueberry syrup. I naturally went big time and chose their featured item on the menu and how could I resist since it was a butcher shop as well as a restaurant. I had Short Ribs Hash and I love Short Ribs and these were Prime, with Yukon Gold potatoes, Bell peppers, Shallots, two Poached eggs and Smoked Hollandaise Sauce. I am sure you would have ordered them as well, and it was delicious and not an ordinary breakfast dish.

NV Echo & Rig BC

The restaurant had “Bottomless” Mimosas and that is why I was at the bar earlier to check out the wine. The bartender not only showed me the label, but he poured me a “taste” in a large water goblet and it was good and tasty. Then he poured a second water goblet full of the wine for my Bride and filled up my glass as well, and then poured just enough fresh orange juice to give the glass some color, my kind of Mimosa. When we went upstairs, I noticed that the other diners had normal flute glasses for their Mimosas, so right of the bat; we were having at least two to one, a great way to start the day. I never expect anything great from a Mimosa, but I have to say that I enjoyed the Wycliff Brut California Champagne NV from the William Wycliff Winery. This winery is under the large umbrella holdings of Gallo Wine and I am sure that the term California Champagne must be legal or it would have said Sparkling Wine. The wine was not Methode Traditionelle and the label read Charmat Method Sparkling Wine, Secondary Fermentation before Bottling, which is the more affordable method of creating Sparkling Wine. The normal grapes used in making “Champagne” are Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier and I must presume at least two if not all three of them are used for this wine. We were both enjoying the wine during our Brunch, and I noticed that the bottles were “twist off” caps, and that still did not affect the merriment of the moment. I may not write about the Brunch at Echo & Rig again, but I guarantee that we will stop and enjoy it again the next time we visit the family.

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