Terra d’Oro Wines

While at Gravity Bar & Grill in Milford, Michigan we were introduced to Terra d’Oro Winery. The winery is part of the much larger Trinchero Family Estates of wine, which oversees production of plenty of the wines that most people end up enjoying in the popular priced wines of California. Terra d’Oro Winery began as Montevina Wines in Amador County. This area was first planted with vines in 1849, and the Deaver Vineyard that Terra d’Oro Winery owns was first planted in 1881. Montevina Wines was the first winery in Amador County to produce wines in 1973 since Prohibition ended. The winery is based on some of the classic Italian varietals, and their major grape is Zinfandel.

Terra dOro Aglianico 2012

The first of the red wines that we tried that evening was Terra d’Oro Aglianico 2012 and it carried the Amador AVA. Amador County is part of the larger Sierra Foothills of California. This was a very limited production wine as they only produced four hundred cases of it. The Aglianico grape is most known from Southern Italy, but it was the first time that I have had wine made from it, though truth be told it was blended with one percent Barbera, so for all intents and purposes it is Aglianico. It had a soft nose, medium color and I found it to be a much softer red wine, especially because I had anticipated it to be more robust similar in style to Zinfandel, since that is what the area is noted for. The chef had paired this wine a citrus and Thyme roasted chicken on a potato cake with a Pomegranate Vinaigrette which was very tasty.

Terra dOro Teroldego 2012

The second red wine that we had that evening was Terra d’Oro Teroldego 2012, also carrying the Amador County AVA. This wine like the wine earlier had one percent Barbera blended with it, and it also had a production of four hundred cases. Teroldego was another grape variety that I had not encountered and it is found in the Trentino-Alto Adige region of Italy. I found that this wine had more tannin and had a more robust nature then the Aglianico and I found it most appealing, in fact this was another wine that we ordered at the end of the evening. It had some natural sweetness to the fruit, but well balanced by the tannins and I could see it as a great compliment to many dishes. The chef had prepared Braised Beef Wellington with Cocoa Demi-glace to accompany this wine. I still have to close out this evening with some more wine, notes and dessert.

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2 Responses to Terra d’Oro Wines

  1. You’re in my backyard with this post! I can’t say enough good things about wines from the Sierra Foothills. Italian and Portuguese varietals do very well here. Thanks for spreading the word and sharing the love!

    • It is my pleasure to always write about all the wines that I have tried, and I am sure that you can do much more justice on your local wines than I can. Thank you for stopping by. – John

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