Wine Tasting at Gravity

Gravity Bar & Grill is a delightful restaurant in downtown Milford, Michigan. I have written about Milford in past articles, as I really enjoy the quaintness of the community and I really enjoy the downtown area. I am really surprised that I have not written any articles about the restaurant in the past, as we have been there many times. In fact when I found out that they were doing a wine tasting evening from my Bride, she booked a table and immediately thought of The Caller and his wife to join us. When I texted The Caller he actually informed me, that he was just at the restaurant earlier that evening with some friends for dinner. He agreed to meet there again and the reservation was changed for four.

Terra dOro Chenin Blanc & Viognier 2013

The restaurant is rather centrally located between The Caller and us, and we went the circuitous back roads to get there, rather than trying to fight the rush hour traffic on the “quick way” via the highways. As always, The Caller and his wife were already there and had even ordered the Charcuterie Platter to get started, as they knew that we would be there soon, and we had thought that we might get there first. The platter featured Prosciutto di Parma, cured Chorizo, Feta Cheese Mousse, Parmesan Reggiano, pickled red onions, fig compote and baguette slices. It was the perfect way to start the evening off.

Terra dOro Pinot Grigio 2013

The wine tastings for the evening featured five wines from Terra d’Oro Winery from Amador County, California. There was a sales representative from the winery and she introduced the wines as “Calitan” wines, because this area was heavily populated by Italians that came to the area during the Gold Rush area, and they had brought seedlings of there beloved vines and had planted them there. We started the evening off with two white wines, which made sense, as one normally goes from lightest to heaviest, or white to red. The first wine that we had was Terra d’Oro Chenin Blanc & Viognier 2014. This wine carried the Clarksburg AVA as most of the fruit was not estate grown. The Viognier which is estate grown only accounted for thirteen percent of the wine. The Chenin Blanc grape was originally known from the Loire Valley, while the Viognier grape was until the late Sixties was almost extinct as there was only about forty acres of it still planted in the Rhone Valley, but then it was rediscovered. The wine was a bit light for me, as the qualities that I so enjoy from the Viognier were not as apparent as I would have preferred. This wine was accompanied with a white wine poached pear, herbed Mascarpone and toasted walnuts, which was very light and was a fine pairing for the wine. The last white wine was Terre d’Oro Pinot Grigio 2014 and it carried the Santa Barbara County AVA. While the fruit was not estate grown the Pinot Grigio grape was more in line with the “Calitan” theme of the winery and it was a most enjoyable glass of wine, in fact while my Bride ordered two to wine of the Pinot Grigio to the Chenin Blanc & Viognier. This wine was paired with a Shrimp Alfredo Flatbread, another great call from the chef. There will be more of this wine tasting to come.

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