A Repeat Visit to Milford

Sometimes logistics work in one’s favor and this is true for the Milford House Bar & Grill. In some ways, maybe more than some ways, I am old fashioned and it is easier for me to look at a map to figure out common meeting areas. We were going to have an early dinner with our son and family before they had to go someplace else by a certain time. I looked at the map and decided that Milford might make the most logical spot for all concerned as it would be equidistance in travel for both of us, and it would not be out of the way for him to finish the final leg of his journey afterwards.

Parducci Small Lot Blend Pinot Noir 2013

They have been to Milford enough that they knew the basic layout of the city, and since I had been telling my Bride about the Milford House and she had never eaten there, I figured it would be good for all concerned. Almost everyone ordered Crab Cakes and to start of with a Caesar Salad, our grandson wanted a pizza, and I saw a dish that I hadn’t had in years; so I ordered Veal Oscar. The Crab Cakes were very good, my Bride thought they were a little dry, but no one else minded. I was surprised by my dish, the Béarnaise Sauce was fine, and so were the fresh asparagus, but the veal was breaded. I was expecting a couple of medallions of sautéed veal, not a couple of pieces of breaded veal cutlets. The veal was prepared very well, it was just not what I had anticipated, but it was still a good meal and everyone was sated when the meal was finished. Though after walking around town a bit, they did find room for some ice cream afterwards, which had been passed on in the restaurant.

MI Milford House BC

As I had mentioned in an earlier article there are eighteen choices of wine, and not top heavy in any category. I chose a lighter red wine that I thought would be fine with the veal and with the Crab Cakes as only my Bride and I were having wine. We had a bottle of Parducci Small Lot Blend Pinot Noir 2013. The Parducci Wine Cellars have been in Mendocino County since 1932, but this wine carried a California AVA because seventy percent of the fruit came from Mendocino County and the balance came from the Sierra Foothills, hence the more generic California, and I am sure that is what was meant by Small Lot Blend. If I have any complaint with the restaurant it is that the wine glasses are too small, and our server after pouring me a taste overfilled the glass, and it took a while for the wine to air out, and I proceeded to pour the wine for my Bride. The wine will not leave the Burgundians shaking in their boots, but it was a nice light Pinot for a Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Tessora's Barra di Vino says:

    I will have to put this wine on my list of potentials for my Wine Bar.

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