The City of Lathrup Village

Somehow the sound of it sounds incongruous, but because of the many laws governing municipalities some villages do indeed become cities. Townships get incorporated, but then they are just referred to as “the city of.” I found myself in tow with my Bride to a “Night Out in Lathrup” and it was fun. Let me explain that Lathrup Village is less then one and a half square miles in size and it is located within the City of Southfield. The community was the dream of Louise Lathrup Kelley who purchased the land and basically created a planned and controlled community, where the houses could only be built with masonry construction, that there would be an attached garage to the house, as well as a fireplace in the basement as well as a second fireplace. In fact most of Lathrup Village is in the National Register of Historic Places. There are parks in the neighborhoods, and it is a beautiful community. There are no bars, no chain or fast food restaurants and there is no shopping center either. Since Lathrup Village is situated within another city, most of the streets dead end on the perimeter of the community as a way to impede automotive traffic from cutting through its neighborhoods. I found all of this totally fascinating, and that explains why my Bride often talks of wanting to live there, but that is another story.

Woodbridge Chardonnay 2013

A “Night Out in Lathrup” is a community event; even though we do not live there we attended the function. There was a huge tent erected behind the city hall with long rows of dining tables and chairs set up, just off of a gazebo and the war memorial for the city. There was a separate trailer set up for beverages, and under the tent was a long table of food arranged by a catering company for the evening, as they were honoring some individuals for their continued community service. For the price of ten dollars a ticket, one could enjoy fresh watermelon, Cole slaw, potato salad. Baked beans and chicken, and later on in the evening one had a choice of either two gelatos or a sorbet. The other part of the evening was a large trailer that the city rented that opened up into a stage and there was a seven-piece band that entertained for the evening with dance music in the style of a Jimmy Buffett. My Bride and I took advantage of the music and danced on a section of the parking lot that had been cordoned off in front of band and between the tented area.

MI Lathrup Village Ticket

The beverage trailer had an assortment of beer and two liter bottles of assorted wines that they were selling by the glass, but one could only enjoy the wine under the tent, I guess this is to cover liability rules for a community event. I notice a few different bottles from the Woodbridge Collection by Robert Mondavi, and this collection is based in Lodi, California and the wines all have a California designation, this way they can secure the fruit from across the state as needed. The Mondavi organization must have done there homework, as this collection has been in existence for over thirty years now, and they are interested in crafting wines that can be drank young with a fruit forward taste. This wine is not for cellaring and is not made with that intention. Since it was a summer evening we enjoyed a couple of glasses of Woodbridge Chardonnay 2013 and since it was on ice, it was very enjoyable, as was the entire evening’s festivities.

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