Back in Plymouth, Michigan

Plymouth, Michigan is really a quaint city that was first settled in 1825, later became a village and finally incorporated into a city. It is almost exactly the halfway point between Detroit and Ann Arbor and looks like how one would picture the perfect small town in the cinema, with a park right in the center of the downtown area. We even looked into moving there, but the logistics of my Bride’s work and all of her driving, just added to her travel time just to get to a freeway and she can get impatient when she is behind the wheel. Plymouth is charming to walk around any time, and it has become a popular dining area with more restaurants still moving in. There are plenty of places where one can even sit out and wine and dine on the sidewalks and people watch. Even better yet, there are several places in town where wine is an important part of the menu.

Drouhin Laforet Chardonnay 2011
The other day my Bride and I were getting together later on in the day, and we had both had large lunches apart from each other. She asked if we should go to Plymouth to walk around and have something to eat and have a glass of wine or two. I guess I didn’t need much prodding, and off we went. While we were walking around, the outside dining areas were already filling up for early evening diners, and we ended up outside a wine bar and restaurant that we gone to several times before. I was surprised to see that the wine selection in the bins along the wall were quite light, and our waitress opined that she thought that they were getting ready to restock the wine list, as they did have a selection of more curious varietals and blends then the usual restaurant would carry. Since it was quite sunny and hot outside we decided to say indoors and just ordered some appetizers like crab cakes and fish tacos. We were thinking of a chilled white wine to enjoy. The first wine that I selected was an Austrian wine that I wanted to try, but they were sold out, and while we were looking at the wine list again, our waitress brought over a tasting of white wine that they sell both by the bottle and by the glass. We both liked it, but I felt like having a Chardonnay, but I did not want a typical California wine, so I ordered a bottle of Drouhin Laforet Chardonnay 2011, a Bourgogne Blanc that is made by this negocient that has been in the Burgundy region for decades if not centuries. This white wine with the most common listing of Bourgogne can be made from the grapes from the three hundred or so communes in Burgundy and they can offer a similar taste style year to year because of the work of the winemaker. In fact it was such a smooth and delicate Chardonnay wine, which my Bride decided that she wanted to buy another bottle to take home with us, and the restaurant offers to sell wine at half off the wine list price for taking off of the premises.

Clayhouse Wines Adobe White 2011
She was also pleased with the glass of wine that they offered to us as a tasting and she wanted a bottle of this wine as well to take back with us. This white wine will be delightful on a summer evening and it in its blend of varietals were two that I have not had before (knowingly), which if I ever get around to filling out the form for the Century Club it will help. The wine was from Clayhouse Wines of San Miguel, California and was from their Adobe collection named for a hundred and fifty year old adobe structure on the grounds. The wine was Clayhouse Wines Adobe White 2011 and had a Central Coast designation, which is quite broad, but it was a blend of Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Grenache Blanc and Princess. It is a wine that I look forward to having in the near future, as we were both pleased with the tasting that we had.

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4 Responses to Back in Plymouth, Michigan

  1. Ah, Plymouth. Great write-up! Was the Drouhin really a 2001?

    • Jeff,
      I am glad that you liked my attempt to make you homesick. Three proof-reads of this article and I still made an error. The photo had the right date and I corrected the error. Thanks for stopping by and catching it. Perhaps next time you are coming to town, we can have lunch or dinner and some wine.
      – John

  2. That would be great! I try and make it back to Plymouth when I come out, but since my family now all lives in or near Ann Arbor, I don’t always make it. Having a plan would force me to–in a good way. I am sure the wine was great, but I was secretly hoping it was a 2001–you rarely see wines that old in restaurants!

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