What Wine Goes With Leftovers?

I wrote about all the preparations to get the Sunday afternoon reception done for friends and family of the happy couple. Needless to say, there was way more food made then was necessary, which tends to be the norm when my Bride begins cooking for a group. During cleanup, she was making “doggie bags” for anyone that wanted to take food home and there were plenty of takers. I mean there are families that have teenagers and that is a bottomless pit when trying to sate them with food. She was happy to inform me, that all the desserts were gone, but we still had some “doggie bags” of food that we took home.

Edna Valley Vineyard Paragon Chardonnay 2011

Now I am not complaining, because my Bride is an excellent cook, and my growing girth is a testament to that fact, oh for the days when I had a thirty-two inch waist, gone only with photographs of that memory. We still had ample amounts of roast chicken, Fettuccini Alfredo and the gluten-free Armenian Pilaf that she had made; and as a side note she had told me that she used an extra stick of butter to help disguise what she had done, all in the name of keeping dietary concerns of some of the guests happy. I have to admit, that the food was too delicious to discard, so we enjoyed the dinner repeatedly over several evenings.

La Crema Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 2012
The only difference was the wine we had for the meals. Now you have to remember that it was technically leftovers, so we did not get too fancy, but the wines did help, especially by the second day of repeats. The first wine that we enjoyed was Edna Valley Vineyard “Paragon” Chardonnay 2011 from the AVA Central Coast of California. The winery is located in San Luis Obispo which has its own AVA, and there is an area known as Edna Valley AVA that saw a revival of interest when two large vineyards were planted, namely Paragon and Chamisal, so with the name Paragon on the label I guess that I may surmise that some of the fruit blended into the wine came from this vineyard. This was more of a crisp Chardonnay wine, more representative of this area, as compared to the oakey wines encountered further North in the state. The other wine that we opened to finish off the leftovers was La Crema Chardonnay 2012 from Sonoma Coast AVA. This is a much more advertised and commercially known brand and there is a touch of oak and butter to this wine, a smoother taste and less crisp. Even though they were both California Chardonnay wines they offered two different tastes for our dinners, but they both were fine for our meals and they did enhance the meals.

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