Elvis, a Wedding, and a Dinner

The main thrust of our week in Las Vegas, outside of visiting our children and grandchildren that live there, was that our son was having a second marriage and that is the destination that they had selected. It was an event, and we have already made arrangements for a reception to follow in town for all of the family and friends that could not make the wedding. Our son and his beloved and their children took a couple of trips to see ghost towns, the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon; being in Las Vegas all I could think of was the classic Frank Sinatra line “I went to the Grand Canyon, but it was closed.” There was also a day that we walked The Strip and thankfully it was not a classic hot day in the dessert. I was mildly surprised that The Strip was not as strewn with handouts of ladies of easy virtue and similar handouts that one is accosted with walking along the sidewalks, though the hustlers of the many venues were still there, but were restrained compared to years past.

Tormaresca Puglia Chardonnay 2012
The day of the wedding arrived and my Bride and I were the first to arrive at the chapel, and there were many of them between The Strip and the old Downtown area. The Bride’s Father, an Aunt and two other of her relatives came to see the nuptials, as well as our children. We were also pleased that a good friend of our son, who is now a headliner at one of the casinos on The Strip, came along with his date. This was the first time I had ever encountered a Las Vegas wedding with “Elvis” and I was surprised at how he seemed to be the center of the affair at the expense of the happy couple. I was also surprised that at one moment he shoved a microphone in front of my face expecting me to sing a line from an old song made famous by “The King” and I hope that my face was not included as I am sure that I grimaced and did not utter anything. The wedding concluded and then there were some additional photo sessions and then we made sure that everyone was aware of where the dinner was to be held later that day.

My Bride was in her element in the months before the event, making plans and securing a restaurant for the dinner. We ended up at a bistro in the Venetian Hotel not far from the Grand Canal at a restaurant called Casanova. Everyone was allowed to order off the menu and there was a range of dishes that were ordered. We ordered more classic of bistro dishes since we were there, my Bride having mussels and I enjoyed a flat-iron steak. I guess with all of the angst about everything going perfectly, the inevitable occurred not once, but twice, which did not occur all week long. Two sets of glassware took a tumble with a mess, and I in my “grandfatherly” mien lost it and yelled at the grandchildren. I know that children are children, and accidents will occur, but why do they have to happen in the fine venues and not in a family oriented restaurant. I quickly made a quick walk around the area and returned and feebly attempted an apology, I guess my old-country upbringing raised its head that evening.

Mionetto Prosecco DOC Treviso NV
I know that we ordered three bottles of wine for the evening, along with the other beverages that were ordered. One of the bottles of wine was removed before I could take a picture of it, so I had to go and find it on the web. We had three different wines from Italy, as Casanova is a Mediterranean bistro, with a lot of Italian influence. We had a bottle of Mionetto Prosecco DOC Treviso NV, the sparkling wine that seems to be very popular these days. This wine is made from the Glera varietal and is done in the Charmat Process which does not have nearly the depth of a great Champagne, but it is still festive and easy for most people to drink. We also enjoyed Nuchese Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2011, this type of wine is always a go to wine for me with crowds as it is an easy red that is not over-powering and heavy as some Italian red wines can be. It is made from the Montepulciano varietal and blended with Sangiovese, the other popular varietal of the area. I think the hit of the evening was the Tormaresca Puglia Chardonnay 2012. This charming wine had a winning attitude with its crispness and it was even accepted by our guests from Washington State, who thought that I should have supported their state’s wine for the evening.

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