A Dinner I Tried to Forget

If you haven’t noticed in my writings that we tend to go out for dinner quite often and most of the times we have a wonderful evening.  I try to avoid chain restaurants especially when we are on holidays.  Why go to a restaurant in some vacation spot, when one can eat at the same restaurant at home?  I guess that I am a “foodie” and I am more than my Bride, who is much more even keeled then I am.  I also am not fond of mediocre restaurants, because to me, I know that we can have a much finer meal at home.  One night we were invited out for dinner by some friends and they were very keen on this restaurant, and I will not mention the company as they are still in existence and I have never gone back there since.

 The Popes' Dry White Table Wine

We went to an Italian restaurant, which is fine, as that is one of my favorite types of food either at home or out for dinner.  This was not the case, this evening.  This restaurant is one of what I call ‘big bowl” restaurants, but I was not aware of it prior to when we got there and started to order the food.  The concept was that one would order a dish, and then there would be ample enough food to share with the other guests at the table and that is fine, if the food is worth sharing.  This restaurant was what I would call “Italian food for Americans,” and I could not find any redeeming quality in the preparations, other than there was a mass quantity of it.  The only exception was for the dish that I had ordered which was priced according to the other plates and that was a veal dish.  There was just barely enough veal on the plate to share four ways, other then the ability to let everyone have a taste.  My Bride was a little perturbed to say the least about my body language that evening, as even the ambience of the restaurant bothered me.  I know that I tried to be as genteel as possible to our hosts that evening, but I guess that I did not do that good of a job.  It is very hard to say to someone over a dinner, that their choices were not the best, even if one knows that there heart was pure and they wanted to share an experience with you.  I would never make it as a politician.

 The Popes' String Tag

Our host also ordered a bottle of white wine for us, that I can find scant information on, even on the web, so I cannot even tell you what the varietal(s) were that we were drinking.  I may have put this wine and the evening out of my mind, until as I was going through the labels that I have accumulated looking for an article to write about.  I even save the labels of wines that I did not enjoy, just perhaps as a reminder to me of what to avoid again.  I think that the embellishments on the bottle were more impressive then the wine.  The wine was The Popes’ Dry White Table Wine (NV) and it was a product of Italy.  There was even a string card attached to the bottle that had a numeric count of the bottle of this wine that was produced.  As I said, I searched for this wine and could find nothing on it, so perhaps it is no longer produced though it did have a very impressive “air” to it.  Sometimes the label or the marketing for a restaurant and/or a wine is more compelling then the product itself.

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2 Responses to A Dinner I Tried to Forget

  1. Barbara says:

    I have a bottle of this wine. I don’t recall how I got it, but it was in conjunction with John Paul’s (I think) visit to St Louis. I had two, opened one, thought it was awful, and saved the other thinking it may be worth something some day. Still have it and like you, can’t find anything out about it!

    • Barbara, thank you for stopping by and I can appreciate the lack of information about this wine. My suggestion is to either drink it as soon as possible at a group event or just keep it as a curio, unfortunately I don’t aging this wine will help it, – John

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