Commerce Grill in Commerce, Michigan

The other day I was talking to someone and they mentioned that they live in Commerce, Michigan and it made me smile.  The third member of the conversation was not aware of the community per se and asked where it was.  I jokingly said at the corner of Commerce and Commerce.  It also made me remember a delightful evening we spent at a restaurant called the Commerce Grill.

My Bride and I met another couple for dinner there one night, because I had heard good comments about the food that they served.  So we decided to meet there, as it was kind of in the middle ground for both couples.  I really liked the restaurant’s layout as the dining area, was entirely in the front, and behind a wall was the bar area with a television screen.  I really dislike televisions in dining rooms, as I want to enjoy good food and fine conversations with no diversions.  We all started off enjoying some Escargot done in a classic butter and garlic sauce.  Three of us ordered filet medallions, while my Bride ordered a salmon dish.  We were having a wonderful time of the evening and the hours just passed easily.

 Brunello di Montalcino Tenuta La Fuga 2003

We started off with cocktails and then we had a bottle of Brunello di Montalcino 2005 by Tenuta La Fuga.  This wine made south of Florence in the Tuscan region is made entirely of the Sangiovese varietal, originally it was believed that this was a separate wine grape called the Brunello, or Little Brown One, but it was proven later to be Sangiovese.  Tradition being what it is, the wine is still called Brunello di Montalcino, and it is a way to differentiate it from other Tuscan wines.  This is a full bodied wine that pairs very well with steaks, and my Bride will attest that she enjoys it with salmon as well.

What is most memorable about the evening is that, while we were all enjoying a good meal, wine and a great conversation, we were getting ready to order coffee and dessert.  The waiter came by and took our order for Banana’s Foster, which is a favorite for the four of us.  The waiter returned promptly and said that we would have to place an alternative as they were out of bananas.  We just laughed and told him to bring the ladies some coffee as we were going to leave them as hostages, and we left the restaurant, got into our car and drove a block or two to a super market and bought a large bunch of bananas and returned to the restaurant and our stranded spouses.  We gave the waiter the bunch of bananas and informed him that we could now have Banana’s Foster.  The dessert came and we were enjoying it, during that time, the owner of the restaurant appeared and heard of what happened.  She came over to our table in tears to apologize for the lack of business sense among her staff, claiming that they should have done what we did.  We informed her, that it was no big deal and only took a few minutes, because we wanted to continue enjoying the evening.  She then offered us a round of vintage port to finish off our experience, told us that she could not charge us for the dessert, and then she handed both us two gift certificates to come back at another time, to enjoy another dinner with out any hassle.  We were very impressed with her largesse and requested for her to take back the gift certificates as we thought she was too generous for such a small snafu, that was easily remedied, but she insisted.  We did have dinner there again, and with out the above problem, but it was not as memorable as the first outing, though the food was just as good.

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