Twenty Years

It is hard to believe that my Bride has put up with me for twenty years, but we were celebrating the evening that we met.  We have had a lot of trips, dinners and wines and uncountable memories since that first evening.  She said that she wanted to have some Roasted Garlic Soup, so I knew where she wanted to have dinner.

 Petraio Primitivo 2010

We made another trip to Pizzeria Biga in Royal Oak; it is at this location that the famous “soup” is still offered.  We used to get this soup at Fonte D’Amore in Livonia and when the family closed this great restaurant, we thought that we would never enjoy this dish anymore.  The original Pizzeria Biga does not offer this soup, but the second location is now serving it and it is worth the extra traveling time.  My Bride ordered a Margherita pizza and I had the Rigatoni Bolognese.  As much as I enjoy a pizza on occasion, I felt like having some comfort food and this would be the place to have some.

 LaMaialina Gertrude Toscana 2010

Since we were just having a light meal, we decided to just have a glass of wine with our meal.  My Bride surprised me and ordered a large glass of Petraio Primitivo 2010.  The Primitivo varietal is a similar clone to the Zinfandel and this wine is from Puglia, Italy (if you think of the map of Italy, Puglia is in the heel of the boot).  The wine had a little more of a fruit forward taste, than she normally would order, but it did go very well with her pizza.  I tried a large pour of La Maialina “Gertrude” Toscana 2010.  This was a very nice, what I would call a “poor man’s” Super Tuscany.  It is made with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sangiovese varietals and it had a very smooth finish and good nose.  I would recommend this wine to anyone, and it is not even expensive in a restaurant.

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  1. Happy anniversary, John!!!

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