Damon’s the Place for Ribs

I have to admit that I am a big fan of baby rack ribs, and I tend to try them more then maybe I should.  My first question is “do the ribs fall off of the bone?” as I do not like gnawing on a bone.  We had to make a trip out to this chain, when they opened up near our home.  I am not much of a fan for most chain restaurants, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt, as they would not be opening so many new locations if there was not something there for the public.  Though I was surprised at how short of a run this restaurant had in our area.

MI Damon's MB


The location of this venue was in a shopping mall, that I do not mind going to, as it is almost quaint in size, compared to some of the monster malls that have been built.  The restaurant itself was off to one end of the mall, which is fine, because if a restaurant is doing things properly, people have a tendency to go that every step to go there.  We went there, and it was fine.  I remember that I had the baby rack ribs and my Bride went with a chicken dish, as she is not partial to ribs, though she will try a couple of mine, where ever we go.  The ribs did fall off of the bone, which is a good sign for me, though I know other fans of ribs that do like to argue the virtue of chewing on a bone.

Carmenet Dynamite Cabernet Sauvignon 1998


The wine list was short and sweet, as I think there were about a dozen wines to chose from, which makes it easy as there is not much to study and ponder.  We ended up with a Carmenet Dynamite Cabernet Sauvignon 1998 from the North Coast of California.  This was a very hot and popular wine at that time, as it seemed to be every where and people were extolling its properties.  I truly felt that it was so popular because it was a very good Cabernet Sauvignon at a very good price, even at a restaurant, which tends to over mark the price of the wines.  It was not the best of wine to have with ribs, but given my choices, it was fine.  I think that his wine was better suited to the steaks that were being offered, but rarely do I order a steak when we go out, as I like to order a dish that we do not make at home.

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  1. AL POE says:

    As a master BBQ chef whose won a couple cook offs, most ribs that fall off the bone have been boiled NOT,, The proper way is always low and slow and yes the bones will peel out of the meat. Ribs should be first coated in plain mustard and the covered in your rub, the mustard imparts no flavor it just helps make the meat tender by breaking down the fatty tissue and induce the great rub. Ribs the right way must be cooked low and slow a 4 hour plus process over wood and or charcoal,,,never a gas grill. The right amount of wood smoke from wood chips and cooking time with produce when done a beautiful smoke ring which is pink on the outer layer and the meat on the tips of the bones will shrink back about a inch,,,, never to cooked over direct heat off to the side of the grill is the trick it’s all worth it I tell you. A chain called Smoky Bones has perfected this over the last decade,,there part of the Darden Group,,Toledo is the nearest location,,,well worth the drive. ENJOY

    Nations best BBQ chain I say

    Folks I got to say the best BBQ chain in the USA. I’ve eaten at a dozen plus of the locations and the baby back smoked ribs are the exact same with a beautiful smoke ring cooked to perfection each and ever time. I’m so sorry the chain only has 2 location’S in Michigan and I have to drive to the buckeye state all being worth the trip. If Slows is a favorite of yours a trip down I-75 is a must to try a chain that’s worthy of the best in the USA.

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