Winter Park Art Festival

Wine is art, especially when it is well crafted.  Wine and art are two of my favorite subjects, and when the two can be found at the same time it is even better.  I have written about a couple of art fairs that we have attended over the years, and while we were in the Orlando area, we found another juried festival and we had to check out the works.


FL Winter Park Art Festival Brochure


Winter Park is a suburb of Orlando, and this was the 37’Th Annual Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival.  The festival was situated on a large park setting along the backside of the tracks from the Amtrak Station.  There were over two hundred and fifty exhibitors, with a couple of areas for food and drinks as well as a children’s workshop area.  It was very well structured and organized affair.  There were even some exhibitors whose art we have seen up in Michigan, so some of the artists have some major tours around the country.

Wine Cage


While we were walking around, we found a fun item, something we really didn’t need, but that is half of the fun, is finding something that tickles your fancy.  We found a “birdcage” wine and liquor rack, which would fit perfectly above our liquor cabinet in the dining room.  The biggest problem was we had then had to find a shipping agency that could box it, and ship it to us, as we had flown into Florida.  While we were done with the art fair, as we searched the business section of Winter Park to find a shipper, which we did, we also found a little bistro and had a quick lunch and a bottle of wine to celebrate our good fortune.  We got a chance to enjoy a bottle of Saint-Emilion wine, which is not the usual district wine that one would find.  Normally a generic bottle of Bordeaux, and since I am very partial to the wines of Saint-Emilion even a negociants blended wine was a nice find and great way to finish the afternoon.

Saint-Emilion Moueix 1990

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5 Responses to Winter Park Art Festival

  1. So true, wine is art. 🙂 Glad you got the bird cage shipped. I am looking forward to seeing it one of these days.

  2. Winter Park is a lovely town and I love the park off the train station. Perfect spot for an art show. One I will have to attend some time in the future.
    Thank you.

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