Painting with a Twist

My Bride and her girlfriend after we left Fleming’s went to a trendy new concept that they had booked about a month earlier for.  It is called “Painting with a Twist.”  And I am not sure what the twist is; I did asked my Bride about it and she just said that it was the name of the business.

JATT Painting with a Twist

When they arrived they were given a stretched canvas and some acrylic paints and brushes.  There was a theme for the evening, they had a two part picture of some wine glasses, and the fledgling artists were either to paint the top half or the bottom half of the theme pictures a best as they could.  That was how the session began and everyone began being artists.  In a sense, I wish I could have been there to here some of the conversations, suggestions and I am sure that a good time was had by all that attended.

Painting with a Twist subject

The other aspect of the session was that one could bring wine to enjoy while the painting was going on.  This, perhaps is the twist?  Since my Bride went with her friend that liked to give me wines with unique labels, I sent them off with a wine carrier, two glasses, foil cutter, cork screw and a vacuum pump, in case they did not have that big of a thirst and were really dedicated to the arts.  Since our friend started us drinking Marilyn Merlot wines, I put in the carrier a Norma Jean Merlot 2006 from Napa Valley.  For the uninitiated Norma Jean was Marilyn Monroe’s name before she acquired her stage name.  So when the winery issues a younger wine that now call it Norma Jean and use a younger photo of Marilyn for the labels.  I must admit that I do enjoy the wines from this winery, thought the first bottle that I was given, I thought it to be a joke.  I was surprised, but this winery deserves a story all of its own.

Norma Jean Merlot Napa 2006

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2 Responses to Painting with a Twist

  1. joan says:

    Great story, Johno and awesome painting, Judy. I hope you have that hanging in a place of honor.

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