Fleming’s for a Quick Dinner

One of my Bride’s dear friends just arrived from the Carolinas to visit her family and old friends.  We have been to assorted restaurants and wineries in Detroit, Traverse City, Napa Valley, Venice and Charlotte with her, and wine has always flowed when we are together.  We have done wine tastings, wine dinners and sometimes just wine when we are together.  We laugh and have a good time; in fact one of her Christmas gifts is her renewal to the periodical The Wine Spectator.

MI Fleming's Logo


Well while she is in town she made sure to at least carve out one day to spend with my Bride.  Of course they started off going shopping, which I think is mandatory when they are together.  They just have a grand time, and they did make a short period for me to join them and it was for dinner, before they culminated their evening plans.


We planned on a quick dinner at Fleming’s, which is a steakhouse with a location near to our home.  Fleming’s has garnered a ranking in The Wine Spectator for being very wine oriented, in fact that proudly proclaim that they have one hundred wines by the glass for your dining pleasure.  This particular evening we sat in the bar and took advantage of a great promotion that they have been running for some time now.  My Bride and I always go to Fleming’s it seems before we see a new movie.  The promotion is called “5 for $6 ‘til 7” and is only in the bar area.  It runs from five in the afternoon to seven in the evening.  They offer five different cocktails, five different glasses of wine, five appetizers plus a great burger all for six dollars.  What a value and a great way to try some wines, which you might not know.


From the offered dishes we order calamari, roasted mushroom ravioli, and the burger for me, and off the menu we also ordered a plate of baked brie.  We tried some of the wines which included a Pinot Noir by Angeline Winery and a Cabernet Sauvignon from Paripaso Winery both of which were form California and a Shiraz from Morse Code Winery of Australia.  The Pinot Noir and the Cabernet Sauvignon were the big winners of the evening as they were repeated.

Project Happiness Syrah Lodi 2011


We exchanged some our Christmas presents while at the restaurant and I received a bottle of Project Happiness Syrah 2011 from Oreana Winery of Lodi, California.  Ever since she learned of my label project that I started on the walls of my cellar, she has always shopped for intriguing labels for me.  In fact she introduced us to the Marilyn Merlot line of wines which we continue to drink because of her, but that is for other another story or two in the future.

Project Happiness Syrah Lodi (Back) 2011

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