Moro’s in Allen Park, Michigan

I grew up with a bunch of former Jitterbugs and Zoot Suiters, e.g. my Father and all of his cronies.  I was smiling when I read the other day in the paper that the Zagat Survey of Restaurants listed Moro’s in Allen Park in the top ten ranking.  I was smiling, because I think of all the times that I was there on a Friday or a Saturday night, where I would watch all of the men of my Father’s era jostle each other as they stood in line with their Brides or their ladies.  All doing the tough guy act from B Movies of the Forties, if they weren’t so serious about it, it would be funny.



Why are all of these men so serious in line, because Moro’s delivers a great meal in the old school manner of “class” restaurants.   Moro’s offers a wide selection of Italian dishes, a couple of Hungarian dishes, seafood and steaks, including Chateaubriand for two.  There are also several tableside presented dinners as well as a couple of tableside desserts.  All of this fine food offered without airs or pretentiousness.  It is an easy place to be comfortable in and know that you will want to return time and time again.  I have had many of the dishes over the years and never had a bad dish of food, and the line up of diners is a sure sign that I am not the only one to have encountered this good food and good service.


The wine list as I recall was small and tight and selected to appeal to the clientele that frequented the restaurant.  This is not a “frou-frou” chic place, this is an honest to goodness Italian restaurant with old world manners, and the wines that I remember were of the same caliber.  I remember having bottles of Bardolino by Bolla, one of the largest shippers of wine in the Verona area, and they have become their own brand name.  Bardolino wines tend to be lighter or more delicate than a Valpolicella wine which is from the same district.  Bardolino, Valpolicella and Chianti are probably the three biggest wine types known from Italy and a decent or better bottle of any of them will be most enjoyable with a good or great Italian dinner.

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