Commander’s Palace in Las Vegas

On our many trips to Las Vegas to visit two of our children and our growing group of grandchildren we combined two unique venues.  The Brennan family of New Orleans Commander’s Palace, which we have been to, and the old Aladdin Casino and Hotel.  The Aladdin is now part of the lore of Las Vegas as it has been removed and a newer grander complex has replaced it.  In the back part of the Aladdin was an area called the Desert Passage which had many retail operations and restaurants and that is where we were able to find the Commander’s Palace.

I have to admit that I may not be the most popular grandfather in the world, because I insist on taking my grandchildren to real restaurants at the expense of fast food venues.  They also have to be dressed and well mannered, which can be a compromise.  So far I have been able to overcome most of these problems, as in the night we had dinner at the Commander’s Palace.  Watching the children encounter dishes like alligator meat, turtle soup, and gumbo are beyond their normal diet.  As for my Bride and I we enjoyed the turtle soup, duck breast with demi-glace and pecan encrusted fish.  It was fun to watch as the children saw Banana’s Foster made table side as well as Bread Pudding Soufflé with whiskey sauce.

For a dinner like this we enjoyed a Haut-Medoc wine, as I think one needs a French wine with good old Creole food.   The two are entwined historically and by cuisine dictates, as far as I am concerned.  We enjoyed a bottle of Chateau Coufran 1999, which is a Cru Bourgeois.  The wine was affordable, because a dinner of this size mandates that there must be some fiscal responsibility or I could suffer the wrath of a terrible charge card bill the next month, which happens any ways when we are on holidays.  The Haut-Medoc gives that wonderful robust taste that one expects from a Bordeaux wine that pairs well with the rich sauces of New Orleans.  As I have stated before my Bride does enjoy a rich red wine with even a fish dinner, especially if it is prepared with a rich sauce and taste.  I also find that even the whiskey sauce that came with the dessert flowed well afterwards.

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