Kathleen Turner as Tallulah and a Pinot Noir

When one thinks of Kathleen Turner they think of Film Noire, but I also think of Pinot Noir.  She was appearing at the Fisher Theatre in a one woman play called Tallulah.  This play was based on the history of Tallulah Bankhead and from her many quotes.  In the age of movie stars, Tallulah was ahead of her time, she was a celebrity, who exceeded her fifteen minutes of fame.  Today “celebrities” are from reality television, and I am so glad that I gave up watching television at least twenty years ago.  Tallulah had to do it the hard way, theatrical and the gossip columns.  She achieved more fame from the legitimate theater then from the cinema.   A lot of the memorable lines from the play that evening, I will not mention here as they are rather ribald, so I shall use one that will serve as an example “I am as pure as the driven slush.”



We were season ticket holders for years at the Fisher Theatre so we ate at many of the restaurants in the immediate area.  One that we frequented often was the restaurant that was on the main floor of the Fisher Building in an old bank branch.  The room was beautiful and reminded one of how elegant banks were in the old days.   I am not sure if the restaurant was Pegasus or Motor City Grill as they both were there for a time.  Neither restaurant was gourmet, but they did a yeoman’s job feeding all the show goers a good meal with medium price wines and getting them to the theater in time for the curtain to go up.




In my theater scrapbook where I have saved all the “Stagebill” publications I have the label from a Saintsbury Pinot Noir 1999 from the Carneros district.  I have never had a bad bottle of wine from Saintsbury which is based in Napa.  I find that this is good type of wine to have with a meal, that the wine will actually enhance the quality of the dinner being served.   I do enjoy Pinot Noir wines from when I first tasted some of the great Burgundy wines of France.  I guess I have never been on the wine of the year trend, as I tend not to be fickle but look for tried and true varietals that will be best for pairing.  I say this because form the date; I know that Merlot was still in vogue at the time.   This wine fit the choices of food we dined on; I am sure as I had no accompanying notes on the selections for the evening.

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