Galatoire’s Restaurant

In keeping with these memories of New Orleans, another fine dining establishment that we took advantage of was Galatoire’s Restaurant on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter.   If you have never been to the Quarter, you may be surprised at how old the buildings as well as some of the business are.  Old does not mean forgotten though in the Quarter and these restaurants keep going.

At Galatoire’s Restaurant they like to trumpet the fact that the menu doesn’t change.  For some restaurants that would be the kiss of death, but not at this fine establishment.  They accept reservations on some evenings and the other days are first come, first serve; a system of equality that seems to work in favor of several of the restaurants in the French Quarter.

We started with Crawfish Etoufee, then my Bride ordered Shrimp Marguery and I had the Crabmeat Yvonne (both of these dishes had very rich sauces).  We ordered broccoli and we ordered another version of the Potato Soufflé (now that we knew what to expect, as we were becoming seasoned New Orleans foodies).   We finished off the meal with one of their special desserts Café Brulot and coffee.

Since we were going to enjoy another rich dinner of seafood another white Burgundy was beckoning to me.   We enjoyed a bottle of Chassagne-Montrachet Morgeot which is a Premieres Crus.   There is something that is hard to explain in words the wonder of a great white Burgundy.  It almost brings a tear to your eye, when you have the last sip of a great wine; and these mighty white Burgundy wines are more then up to the challenge of pairing with the rich sauces and flavors that one encounters in The French Quarter.

LA Galatoire's MB

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2 Responses to Galatoire’s Restaurant

  1. foxress says:

    A wine that pairs so well with the meal it makes you teary-eyed, now that’s a dining experience!

    • Ms. Foxress,

      I agree there is something so ethereal about a fine meal and a great wine. That is my main hobby especially when I am on holidays.

      I am glad that you like the article, may I suggest that you look at my 8 July 2012 posting ” A Celebration of the Women and Wine of 1961″ for some wonderful pairings.


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