Match Day

I guess I am rather naive about certain aspects about the medical field.  I mean all my life, I have had a doctor, first a pediatrician, then a General Practitioner or nowadays an Internist and the odd specialist along the way.  I know that they had to go for an Undergraduate degree, and then a Graduate degree in Medicine, and then a Residency and perhaps a Fellowship; but I never thought about the step from a medical degree to where they go for their residency program.  Match Day or the Match Week can be a day of excitement or grief, as it marks the time when medical graduates all over the USA find out if they have landed spots in a residency program from a slate of locations that they preselected.  For some it is exciting, because  they were chosen from their slate, and I get some may have to reapply.  All of this meandering is because we had a nephew that applied and was accepted by a hospital. 

His mother was devastated as she had ordered a personalized wall plaque announcing that he was a doctor.  She had ordered it, supposedly with an extra month before the moment, and it arrived the day before Match Day.  The name on the order, the purchase slip and the mailing label, all had the name spelled right, but the wall plaque was mis-spelled, so much for quality control and they could get a corrected one, but not in time, especially since they were a month late in a timely delivery.  My Bride, his aunt, took it upon herself to find something special and we went to some personalized businesses, to no avail.  Then she went to one of her favorite gift shops at a local hospital; she couldn’t find anything to personalize, but she did find a metal wine bottle holder that depicted a doctor, with a Gladwin Bag, stethoscope and clipboard.  Since he is partial to Riesling wines, I then had to go and find a Riesling that he might not get for himself and I found one with a Pradikat for him to enjoy. 

Match Day was also on Saint Patrick’s Day, but his parent’s had booked the back room at one of their favorite restaurants and took plenty of the family out to celebrate and have dinner.  We all toasted to the event with Bosca Verdi Spumante NV.  Bosca is a wine producer based in Canelli in the Piedmont region and famed for their sparkling wines made with Moscato and Glera (Prosecco) grapes, as well as a popular vermouth.  Pietro Bosca registered his first winery in Canelli in 1831.  This is a sparkling wine made with the Charmat Method and using Moscato Bianco.  A soft yellow-gold with large medium spaced bubbles offering notes of tree fruit, melon and citrus.  On the palate semi-dry wine offering tones of apples, pears, and melon with a bit of a sweet finish.  I think I would have preferred it with some orange juice.  After the toast, the mystery was announced and he was accepted at the hospital where he did his internship and he will stay in the Detroit area, which definitely made his family happy.   

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