Two Cities; Two Mimosas

We woke up in Savannah, packed up, what little we had taken out of our suitcases and we were going to have breakfast.  One of the joys of having the internet bombard you, is that you get constant opposing ideas, like when I was growing up, they had always said that breakfast was the most important meal, now self-important individuals are telling us that is false; I will continue believing the earlier authorities. 

During our walks the day before, my Bride saw another hotel that she saw that had a brunch and she went in, and she saw that they had Steel Cut Oatmeal, her first choice for breakfast followed by poached eggs.  We went to the Andaz Savannah, a concept hotel by Hyatt.  While we were having our breakfast, we confirmed that Orange Juice is now dearer than the sparkling wine being poured for our Mimosas.  We saw the glasses with the wine, waiting as the bartender applied a tincture of the Orange Juice, which is fine, because that is how we make them at home.  To be truthful, I am always interested in seeing what bottle of sparkling wine is used for Mimosas.  They were pouring Duc de Valmer Blanc de Blanc Brut Vin de France NV.  Vin de France just means French Wine and the wine is produced using the Methode Charmat or the bulk sparkling wine method.  There is really no information about this wine, nor the grapes used for Blanc de Blanc, but I guess I can go out on a limb and opine that at least some of it must be Chardonnay.  When I saw the wine across the room, it had a nice white/yellow color and it had medium sized bubbles, even with the tincture of Orange Juice.  It was a very pleasant Mimosa and a great way to start the day.    

We eventually got on the road and a little under an hour, we went from Savannah. Georgia to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  We were lucky that the hotel, told us to return in an hour and we could check in early, so we did a little walking and shopping.  After we got to the room and unpacked, I looked up a wine shop on the island that had listed as one of their amenities, a wine tasting room.  Our trusty phone told us that the wine shop could be found after about a twenty-minute walk.  We walked to the shop, to find out that only one of the locations had a tasting room, and alas this was not the one.  We had plans on having a charcuterie plate and some wine.  We walked around the shopping plaza that we were at, and found a little bistro, that had Mimosas painted on the window glass, so we went in.  My Bride had a bowl of She Crab Soup, the soup of the “Lowlands” and very rich, and she had a Caesar Salad (of course).  I had a Hot Ham and Cheddar on a grilled croissant.  More than enough for me.  We were going to have some wine, but the only wine we could have was a Mimosa, so we had our second sets of Mimosa for the day.  Once again, we got a chance to watch the Mimosas being made and it reminds me of how some men like Vermouth in their Martini, just in the same room.  They used Duca di Vincenza Bianco Secco Frizzante NV.  Outside of this being an Italian wine, Hercule Poirot would be hard pressed to find any information.  No region, no varietal and no production notes.  We have had worse Mimosas, but we were on holidays and the beverages were wet.  

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