The Start of a Getaway

My poor Bride has been in constant motion, since her Mother died, and even with being the executor, she made arrangements to get away.  With us both being retired, it is a new phase for us, and she is being fiscally responsible.  We had enough “points” to travel to Hilton Head Island, but the airline was always famed for not going as the crow flies, but from one hub to another.  It worked very well, for them for years, until just recently when luggage was a major snafu for them.  It was the first time that we had ever flown with them when the flight wasn’t sold out.  I mean we actually pay a premium with them, to get early seating, as the seats are first come, first taken. They actually had to stagger the seating arrangements, so that the plane could take off properly with weight distribution.  It was also the first time that we only traveled with an overhead bag and a personal under seat bag.  We were up at three in the morning to catch the flight, our usual route was closed due to construction, but we lucked out, as there were not that many crazy people up and at the airport at that hour.  There was not even a place to get coffee at the airport.

After the first leg of our travel, we were in Baltimore at the airport and had our breakfast at Obrycki’s.  We had Breakfast Wraps and Mimosas, I wanted to take a photo of the bubbly, and I was told that it was a Prosecco, but it was from a keg.  The Mimosas were fine, and then we were getting ready for our next early seating arrangement and she decided that we needed some coffee, so she came back with two Cappuccinos, and we were flying to Savannah.  We were spaced once again on this flight, because of low capacity, and it was funny to hear them keep saying, everyone can have a window or an aisle seat. Years ago, when we were in Charleston, we had planned on going to Savannah, but Mother Nature changed the plans, so my Bride made sure that we would spend a night there.  The airport in Savannah was charming and small, and it was extremely easy to maneuver and getting our car for the trip. 

She had made arrangements for us to spend the first night in the historic section of Savannah, and it was great for walking.  I thought parking was rather extravagantly priced, but we were on holidays. It was great to look at the architecture and think of different times.  We even had a chance to go in and look at the great dome of the City Hall building after we went through yet another TSA type X-ray equipment.  There were twenty-two squares in the historic district to explore and I even found a friend there to commiserate with.  I could go on and on with all of the famous songs that he was either the composer or the lyricist for and he even won four Oscars.  So, rather than attempting to warble “Moon River” I just posed with Johnny Mercer, a famous son of Savannah and enshrined Ellis Square.    

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