Two Exclusive Wines from Roberts + Rogers

Roger Louer was at my local wine shop, The Fine Wine Source in Livonia, Michigan conducting a wine tasting and two of the wines are true exclusives for those that attended the tasting or can get there, if there is any left.  Jim Lufty, the owner of the Fine Wine Source and Roger Louer have become good friends over the years, and not long-ago Jim and his daughter Remy went out to the winery, for business and pleasure and the next two wines are a result of their trip.

Out of that trip, came Roberts + Rogers Mendocino County Red Wine Blend NV, a special proprietary wine that was blended by Roger Louer, Jim Lufty of The Fine Wine Source and Remy Lufty of the restaurant Vertical Detroit. The juice is a blend of two different years, hence the NV status and a blend of Petite Sirah, Zinfandel and Merlot. As an aside, Jim told me that there is probably about sixty different varieties, as he was referring to all the different clones that have been planted, as well as the “California Blend” that is found in older vineyards, which is a nice way of saying that some of the old vines that were planted have been mis-identified or forgotten about and could almost be anything, but those old vines do add character.  A very pretty garnet color with notes of red fruit and spices.  On the palate a big fruit forward wine of black and red cherries, good tannins, well balance with a finish of terroir. A good solid red with a limited production of two-hundred cases that is affordable.  The only two places that this wine can be found is at the wine shop or at the restaurant.  As a side note, I did play delivery man, as I contacted The Caller, if he wanted any of this wine, and he said yes, on my suggestion.

The next bottle, which is also an exclusive, if there is any left by the time, I write this, was all but lost.  When you get a merchant at a winery, the retailer part kicks in, and they start going through the warehouse and storage and he discovered a hidden and forgotten cache of Roberts + Rogers Louer Family Cabernet Sauvignon (St. Helena) Napa Valley 2012 in the handy magnum size.  Originally this wine was made from his personal estate for a select group of friends from his thirty-four-acre estate and was introduced in 2009, and it sold out that year, as well as the next couple of years as well, without any fanfare.  In 2012, it was released under the Roberts + Rogers designation.  I have had the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 vintage, but this was the first time for the 2012.  The wine is aged for two years in new French Oak.  There really is nothing for me to say, this wine is a true delight, it has enough maturity that it hit all the requirements of sensory buttons for me, with dark fruit, spices and terroir.  Ideal for drinking now, or still to be laid down for a while.  I am sure that most of the people at the tasting were thinking it would be perfect for one of the holiday dinners coming up, especially like a Standing Rib Roast.      

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  1. daniel m cser says:

    Jim knows his stuff!

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