Honey Bubbles Sparkling Moscato NV

We were walking around at the Las Vegas Food & Wine Festival with our empty wine glasses, but at a festival like this, the glasses do not stay empty for long.  We came up to one of the booths that had one of those Kodak moments (at least that is the name that I can conjure up) with the logo of the company emblazoned all over the backdrop.  In fact, some of the photos for this series of articles came from the official house photographer, and my Bride and I happened to appear in a few of the photos. 

As we walked up to the tasting booth/ table/ Kodak moment background my Bride was leading the way.  The gentleman at the booth asked “Have you ever had an Italian Sparkling Moscato” and my Bride, kind of shrugged and replied that she doesn’t like Moscato wines.  Of course, by that time, I got there, and introduced myself and naturally began talking about wines.  Honey Bubbles Wine not only makes a wine, but they are donating proceeds to help combat “Colony Collapse Disorder” which is a malady affecting Honey Bee populations around the world, in fact in 2014 twenty-three percent of the American Honeybee Colonies died per the Huffington Post.  Bees are lauded as the cross pollinators of crops and their survival is crucial not only for viticulture, but for all plants.

Honey Bubbles Sparkling Moscato NV sources their fruit from Asti and Veneto in Italy, but during my research I discovered that originally the company was based in New Mexico, USA.  The wine is a blend of fifty percent Muscat Canelli (Muscat a Petit Grains) and fifty percent Muscat of Alexandria.  The sparkling wine is made using the Charmat Method which is very common in the region.  A prolonged tank fermentation results in less residual sugar (half of most Moscato wines) and a higher alcohol by volume (double of most Moscato wines) which makes Honey Bubbles a semi-sweet sparkling wine.  The soft-rose colored wine offered notes of citrus and tangerines and florals.  On the palate tones of a sparkling mousse body with some sweetness, excellent acidity and a rather nice long finish of peaches and orange zest.  I had to smile, because my Bride started gushing about the wine and how much she enjoyed it, and she made me look it up to see if we could buy some while we were in Vegas to share with the family, but every store that we found listing it, did not have it in stock.         

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