Shopping and Wining in Summerlin

This was the first time that both of us were retired and in Las Vegas, actually, it was the first trip as Senior Citizens, and we definitely ignored any retirement budget that we haven’t created.  We were still on Detroit time, and we were doing our 5K+ walk, basically getting out there before sunrise.  Even though it was warm, especially compared to Detroit, in the dessert before the sun comes up, it is chilly, but as long as we kept walking at a good pace, it was fine.  We kept talking about having breakfast at this one location, but they opened too late for us, but there was another one that just would be opening as we got there at seven in the morning.  Great coffee and we would split a huge breakfast, we will make great Seniors.

It seemed so odd, not to see my Bride checking in at the office several times a day.  We also had a few hours to kill, before we could do anything, as it was still too early for retail.   We had a big day planned as we were going to take our grandson who graduated from high school out for a special dinner later on; our fourth one and only four more to go.  We went to Downtown Summerlin to go shopping, which is probably about twenty square blocks of retail, entertainment and restaurants.  I think she may have finished the Christmas shopping, which is good.  We decided to stop at Grape Street Café, Wine Bar and Cellar.  One of our usual haunts.  My Bride surprised me by getting a Jameson Orange Cocktail and I have to admit, it was very tasty.  Jameson is the largest Irish blended whiskey manufacturer and the third-largest single-distillery whiskey produced in any country.  The company began in 1780 and by 1805 the Jameson family was in full control.  At its peak, the distillery covered two hectares and over three-hundred employees.  The standard blend is aged for a minimum of four years.  There have been a couple of mergers and now the parent company is owned by Pernod Ricard.    

As for me, I had a glass of wine, as if you are surprised. Domaine Vacheron Cuvee Belle Dame Sancerre Rouge 2018.  Domaine Vacheron is a highly regarded producer, now run by third generation winemaking cousins and considered one of the best in the region.  One of the few that produce both white and red wines.  The estate is almost fifty hectares on silex soils (clay and limestone based, topped off with flint). This wine is pure Pinot Noir and Sancerre overlooks the Loire Valley.  They adopted complete biodynamic practices in 2005, in fact the only fertilizer that they use is compost.  The fruit is hand-harvested and Stainless-Steel tanks are used for fermentation, and the winery uses a minimum amount of oak, though I have seen publicity photos of this Cuvee in French Oak barrels. This ruby-red colored wine offered notes of red fruit and smoke.  On the palate the wine had tones of red cherries and plums, full tannins, saltiness or salinity and a beautiful finish of terroir.  It was probably being served too young, but that is life.  An excellent red wine in a land of white wines.    

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