Wining at Detroit Metro

Perhaps if we flew First Class, I might enjoy flying more, but the system has definitely made me a curmudgeon.  We get there so early, to park and get a shuttle to check-in and check our luggage; I also enjoy watching TSA go through the motions of using their wands on ninety-year-old women, some in wheelchairs, because they must fit the description of terrorists to the powers that be.  At least Detroit has a couple of decent sit-down restaurants with bars, compared to our return flight from Vegas, where we could not find a similar concept.  The airport in Vegas is named properly for a useless politician, if you saw the movie Casino about Old Vegas, the weaselly politician’s dialogue in court was used verbatim from this politician.

We were early enough to have a five-course dinner, but we just relaxed and ate and drank at a new restaurant in Detroit.  We ate at Cat Cora’s Taproom and since I don’t watch television, I was unaware of her presence, but our waitress gave us a thumbnail sketch.  Cat Cora is a world-renowned chef, author, television host and personality, health and fitness expert and mother of six.   From Jackson, Mississippi to the Culinary Institute of America to two different three-star Michelin restaurants in France; who then began a career in television.  My Bride was happy and immediately went for a glass of Canyon Road Pinot Grigio California 2021.  Canyon Road Winery of Modesto, California offers all the basic varieties using fruit harvested from across the state and that is why they use the California AVA.  They make a decent popular price wine that is not designed for cellaring, but for instant drinking.  It is the type of wine that many restaurants and catering companies use as their “house wine” and give a decent bang for the buck.

My Bride was not hungry, she just wanted some wine and she figured that she could nibble around my order.  I had the Angus Beef Burger with Beer Cheese, Fried Egg, Roasted Tomato, Smoked Bacon and Twice-Cooked Fries, but our waitress touted me to upgrade to the Truffled Fries version.  I didn’t want the egg and my Bride asked if the egg could be served on the side, so that and a third of the burger and the majority of the fries fed her quite nicely (and she said that the egg was more poached than fried).  I enjoyed Noble Vines Collection 181 Merlot Lodi 2018.  Noble Vines is a value wine brand created by Delicato Family Vineyards which has vineyards in the Central Coast region.  They are very big in donating to a large group of charities from the proceeds of their sales.  The 181 Merlot refers to the Merlot 181 clone that was initially derived from cuttings of plants in Pomerol and is now the largest clone planted in California.  I have to admit that I have always been partial to a glass of Merlot, and I am becoming quite fond of wines from Lodi.  Lodi has a soil that makes the vines struggle with a “soil” that is stones over red clay.  The deep garnet wine offered notes of dark fruits and cloves.  On the palate tones of black cherry and black plums with spices and soft tannins leading to a moderate finish of fruit and some terroir.  A nice wine for instant gratification without the need to cellar.       

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