Dinner in Marquette at The Vierling

Our next destination was to Marquette, Michigan during our trip in the Upper Peninsula.  In the Spring time, it is not that unusual to still see ice on the lake or on the shoreline.  It may be the most bustling city in the Upper Peninsula with a large hospital and a university.  There are plenty of hotels and restaurants and even purveyors of cannabis and sometimes it seems like they are located across the street from each other, now that it is legal, as I am sure that it wasn’t sold there before it was legal.  If you are into architecture, it is a wonderful city to visit and to walk around, but be prepared as there are some pretty steep hills.

Our first night we ate at The Vierling, I think I ate there first on one of our trips, as I had lunch there, while my Bride was conducting business, this was her final hurrah for a business trip.  For over one hundred years there has been a restaurant open that was established by Martin Vierling, it has had different owners, but the name has carried on. The Vierling also was home to Marquette Harbor Brewery, but as you can surmise, I was not there to sample beer.  The interior is very eclectic with plenty of old-time leaded glass and interesting posters and art.  My Bride had Whitefish, as she claims that she cannot get enough of it, when she is up north.  I had Shrimp Scampi and it was a better version compared to some dishes that I have had over the years by that same name. 

While The Vierling touted the Marquette Harbor Brewery, they had a rather eclectic and terse wine carte and I did find something interesting. We had a bottle of Broglia “La Meirana” Gavi DOCG del Commune di Gavi 2020.  La Meirana is a thousand-year-old estate with sixty-five hectares of vineyards by Broglia, who were in and still are, also in the textile industry and is managed by the third generation of the family.  The estate was bought in 1972 and a new winery was built in 1983. In 1988, the DOCG was granted for this pure Cortese di Gavi wine which has a history going back to the 1600’s, and the famed white wine of the Piedmont.  After fermentation the wine is left to mature for six months on the lees in Stainless-Steel. The wine is a light straw color with greenish tints.  The wine offered notes of green apples and florals, and on the palate, a bone-dry crisp fresh and fruity wine, with nice acidity and a good medium length finish of terroir and almonds.  A perfect wine for our dishes.

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